Natural Physique Training for Busy Professionals (2017) is our flagship online training course. In it you will get everything you need to know about physique-focused training in order to build the body of your childish, ridiculously vain, but nonetheless glorious dreams. This includes the research and theory behind the program parameters so you can understand “the why” behind the plan as well as set and rep schemes, targeted exercise recommendations, video exercise demos, physique technique tips, a follow-along workout plan, additional training templates, and personal customization strategies so you know exactly what to do.


The 6-Pack Checklist – (2015, Amazon #1 Best Seller – Exercise & Fitness; Health, Fitness, & Dieting). This is my book geared specifically towards intermediate and advanced trainees trying to attain higher-level physique goals. This book filters through the fitness industry fluff, hacks away the unessential, and teaches you a step-by-step fat loss and physique transformation process that works in the real world, not just one that sounds good on paper, in magazines, at nutrition conferences, or in fitness forums. Grab this book and start a more effective, efficient, and sustainable path to building an elite, beach-ready physique.
thetruthaboutweightloss The Truth About Weight Loss – (2015, Amazon #1 Best Seller – Exercise & Fitness, Weight Loss Diets). This is my book geared specifically towards beginners. The fitness industry uses heavy marketing to make you feel like you always need something new, cutting edge, mysterious, or tricky to get results. And because we are constantly chasing the magic pill, it is easy for us to get caught up in that hype. But did you know that the success rates of most weight loss plans are only in the 2-20% range? If you want to lose weight (and keep it off long term), you’ve got to ditch the fads and go to the plan that’s been proven to work, time and time again. The Truth About Weight Loss cuts through the diet industry dogma and lays out a simple, step-by-step plan that’s easy to follow and gets real world results. Learn to make fat loss work for your lifestyle and achieve your lean dreams, for good. Available on Kindle and in paperback.
low carb dietsThe Truth About Carbs: How to Eat Just the Right Amount of Carbs to Slash Fat, Look Great Naked, & Live Lean Year-Round (2014, Amazon #1 Best Seller – Weight Loss Diets, Weight Maintenance Diets, Nutrition) Carbs. The very word strikes fear in the heart of many these days. They make you fat, right? And they lead to diabetes and a host of other ailments…right? Did you know that both high-carb diets and low-carb diets can help you lose fat? The trick is figuring out which diet will work for you. But how do you know which diet will work for you? How many carbs should you be eating? Whether you’re looking to get ripped or simply looking to get off the couch, The Truth About Carbs is way more than a book about carbohydrates; it’s a complete, step-by-step guide to nutrition numbers, and setting up the optimal ones based on your individual situation. This book contains everything you need to know to slash fat and build muscle, whether you’re an office worker or an elite athlete. No more guessing games. No more excuses. Do some simple calculations and head out to the grocery store, then get ready to get lean for life. It’s really that simple. Available on Kindle and paperback.
The Samurai DietTHE SAMURAI DIET: The Science & Strategy of Winning the Fat Loss War is my first nutrition book. It provides 112 short nutrition lessons related to building lean muscle, slashing body fat, and improving health. Learn the real reasons why certain “health” foods are not that healthy for us, why the diets of athletes and regular exercisers should be different from those of sedentary individuals, and why much of the “accepted” mainstream fitness advice you read about in Health & Fitness magazines is flat-out wrong. Available on Kindle.


self-help booksRise Above: 7 Strategies to Crush Adversity (2014, Amazon #1 Best Seller – Self-Help Short Reads) takes principles from sports psychology, “street” psychology (from Nate’s 15 years of working with people from all ages, abilities, and walks of life), some samurai philosophy, and a little bit of surfer dude mentality, and narrows it down into actionable strategies that can help you tackle any obstacle that may come your way. Available on Kindle and in paperback.
Philtered-Soul-coverA Philtered Soul: How Passion, Perseverance, and a Damn Good Cup of Coffee Can Change Your Life (2015, Amazon #1 Best Seller – Coffee & Tea, Self-Help Short Reads) tells an inspiring real-life story showing us that the ever-elusive goal of combining passion, personal fulfillment, and professional success is really possible. Philz Coffee has grown from a cubbyhole coffee station in a corner grocery store into the Bay Area’s premier coffee shop, and has enjoyed the ride along the way. This book translates the lessons Philz learned and lived throughout their journey into practical strategies that can be applied in your own career, path, or craft. Available on Kindle and in paperback.


The Way of the Cancer Warrior: 34 Strategies for Your Cancer War (Free PDF, click title to read right now!)

Applies martial arts strategies, sports psychology principles and warrior philosophy to the battle against cancer. Each section starts with a few motivational quotes and is followed by practical application guidelines. It is a free resource meant to help patients, healthcare professionals, caretakers, family members and friends collectively fight back against the greatest enemy this life has to offer.To learn more about why this book was written, what it’s all about, and how it might help you, click here.


“I love Nate Miyaki’s no-bullshit approach, and his straightforward style.You won’t find filler in this book – unlike most of the longwinded fluff you see on the self help shelves. What you’ll find is a good swift kick in the ass that will motivate you, give you strategies to turn your life around, and help you stay true to YOUR purpose, and to the life you truly want to live. If you’re stuck in a rut or suffering a setback – whether it’s a small one or the biggest that life throws your way – this book will help. The answers may not be the ones you want to hear. But they work. And as the author writes, yes, it really is that simple.” – Ryan M.

“I began my journey in the quest for optimal health about a year ago, when on a lark, I decided to ditch grains, processed foods, and sugar from my diet for 40 days. What happened was nothing short of miraculous. My results prompted me to begin reading everything I could get my hands on about nutrition, health and the human body, which included a lot of famous books like Grain Brain, Wheat Belly, Good Calories Bad Calories, Eat the yolks, Big Fat Surprise, and many others. 15 books total. I can say with certainty that the author of this book is VERY knowledgeable about the human body and the role macro-nutrients play in our overall health. I could have just read this one book and learned everything I needed to know in order to make the right food choices for my particular lifestyle and fitness goals. Nate presents an honest and no nonsense approach to eating and maintaining physical health.” – Silver F.

“Over the last couple of years, I have implemented a lot of Nate’s nutritional ideas into my daily life. His diet recommendations are always practical, sustainable, and without the pointless fluff and confusion of many of the popular fad diets. For all of that, one of my favorite aspects of Nate’s writing has been his fusion of philosophy with nutrition and fitness. Where else can you get Bruce Lee mixed with calculating macros? When I learned about Rise Above, I ordered it almost immediately and, just as I expected, more great stuff. No bull or overused self-help clichés, just practical and workable strategies. Best of all, is Nate’s lack of ego in his writing. Take what you is helpful, lose what’s not, and start fighting for a better life. Nate says it best himself, “Put your head down and do what you need to do to get better at whatever you are pursuing in life. The rest is just noise.” Awesome read. I cannot recommend it enough-thanks Nate!” – Dave M.

“Very indebted to Nate Miyaki. With the help from his blog posts, videos, and books. I went from 325 lbs. down to 254 lbs. now I am hovering around the 200 lbs. mark 3 years later! Never felt better and looked better! What I enjoy most is his no-nonsense, lets cut the crap and get down to it attitude. He also uses humor to soften it up a bit. When doing my research on how to best lose weight, this really appealed to me. He tells you what to do as well as why you should be doing it. Pretty much what I wanted: Tell me what to do and how to, then let me get at it lol.” – BJ K.

“This book is amazing. Definitly one of the best of its kind. I like that is very precise, straight to the point, no chit-chatting around the subject like most books. The author took the essential stuff of every strategy and put them all together in this great book. A must read!” – Dragos

“No fluff here. Just the practical science of how to eat carbs to maximize your body composition.In this book, Nate takes a look at carbs through the lens of fat loss and fitness. He shows you the practical science of exactly how to find the appropriate carb intake that’s right for you, based on the 3 major factors that impact how many carbs you should be eating. Perhaps most importantly, Nate makes sure you keep the big picture (calories in, calories out) in mind and don’t start getting wrapped up in the nutrition pseudoscience around carbs that’s all too common in today’s day and age. All in all, a solid book packed with practical science-backed advice on how to look and feel awesome! Well done, Nate! And thank you for this great contribution to the field!” – Ari W.

“To say this book hit me at the the perfect time is an understatement. I felt lost, and it was just the wake up call that I needed. It helped me realize that a significant amount of my disappointment, frustration, and stress has come from trying to control things that I can’t, doing what I thought I was expected to do (instead of what I really want), focusing on the wrong things in life, and staying trapped just because it is comfortable. This book has motivated me to make some changes and take back control of my life. It’s a short and straightforward book that I read in one sitting. I recommend it to anyone going through personal or professional struggles.” – Jay

“A very straightforward read, this book cuts through the marketing fog when diets are concerned and concentrates on the basics.I’ve tried numerous diets so far, some with more and some with less success, but the more I experimented, the more this sane approach, described by Nate Miyaki, proved to be the right one.” – Davor T.