Nate is the brains (and brawn!) behind this operation so there’s not a lot you need – or probably want – to know about me. Although I’ve done a couple of physique competitions and taken some photos, I’m really just a cougar who landed a hot younger guy.  He has changed my life for the better in so many ways, one of them being my approach to diet and exercise, so let’s start with that.

I grew up in the land of plate lunches, macadamia nuts, and malasadas. I ate sweets so often I could have been Buddy The Elf’s sister (belching optional). While my love for carbs, sugar, and dairy has not changed, my eating habits have. Since I was not blessed with “skinny genes,” if I want to look fit and stay healthy I can no longer shove piles of crap food in my face whenever I feel like it. Natural foods, portion control, and periodic, planned “cheat meals” are now the foundation of my diet regimen.

When it comes to exercise, I don’t love to work out. I do it because it makes me look better, feel better, and keeps my body healthy. I’m not a natural-born athlete either; as a child I was tall and very uncoordinated, and it wasn’t until after years of putting in some effort into my sport that I had any clue what I was doing. More recently I’ve trained for physique contests, primarily for fun and the personal challenge (fun = getting glammed up; challenge = dieting and walking in 5-inch lucite heels).

I’m not a personal trainer, nutrition specialist, or professional model. I took a modeling class as a teenager but nothing came from it other than getting rid of my uni-brow. Like many people I sit at a desk for most of the day, and understand how difficult it is to eat well at the office and make it to the gym consistently when you have a busy career and family life. I don’t have children, but I do have a husband…and you wives know that’s just as much work!

I think Nate listed his favorite movies but having a short attention span I am partial to TV series, especially Hawaii 5-0 with its beautiful scenery (Alex O’Loughlin – I mean Diamond Head and blue ocean), ridiculous “reality” shows, or drooling over recipes on The Food Network. When I have a little more time on my hands I have been known to spend all day in the kitchen preparing for a potluck, bedazzling wedding invitations, or making Christmas stockings out of felt applique.

So what am I doing here? I think it’s partly to make sure that Nate doesn’t use too much profanity in his writing. Since that doesn’t usually work I’m happy to give my perspective on eating clean, getting your butt to the gym, fighting urges to eat a whole jar of Nutella, and taking care of yourself as best you can while living a crazy busy life.

Although I have a background in Psychology I’m not trying to analyze anyone, however, I am interested in the mental and emotional aspects of diet and exercise. I like to share tips and “best practices” for creating and maintaining good habits and provide encouragement to pursue your healthy goals. I can’t do the splits, but can make a mean pom-pom out of tissue paper.