1. Email Updates

You’ll get an email notification whenever the site is updated with new content.  That means when you’re wasting time on meaningless work emails; or sports, baking, or porn sites, you can immediately click over to something more useful.  But wash your hands — or at least use some Purell — first.

2. Get Real, Honest, No B.S. Advice.  Not SPAM

We hate SPAM too.  So we won’t share your information with anyone, ever.  And we won’t bombard you with useless marketing fluff on a daily basis. We’re just going to send you stuff that we truly believe can help you reach your goals.  Cool?  We’re too passionate about fitness and philosophy to pervert them with nonsense.

3. We Won’t Flood Your Inbox Every Day

Since we believe getting results is more about what you APPLY than what you read, we’ll probably get in touch with you 1-2 times a month. This will give you more time to take meaningful action, and less time to over-analyze.  It’s not about how much information you can acquire.  It’s what you DO in this world that makes a difference.

4. Exclusive Content For Subscribers

You share stuff with your family and closest friends that you don’t share with the rest of the world too.  So whether its a training video, cool recipe, notes from our own plans, or interviews with fellow colleagues, we want to make sure we take care of our own.  I guess its a “growing up in a small town thing”.

5. It’s Free, with No Catch

It’s totally free.  And if you get sick of us, which is bound to happen, you can unsubscribe at any time.  There’s nothing worse than hanging at a party you don’t want to be at, simply out of obligation.

*Bonus — Get a Virtual High-5

We’ll give you a virtual High-5, kiss, hug, bro-hug, bow, throw you a peace sign or shaka, or whatever else you want us to do,  right now!

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