Miyaki Returns to Renegade Radio

Just wanted to give you a heads up that I was recently a guest on my good friend Jay Ferruggia’s Podcast. 

We talked a ton about physique transformation training and nutrition, mostly about how my strategies have evolved over the last 5 years — for both myself as an athlete, and my methods/teaching approach as a coach (although we did dive a bit into my “reverse mid-life crisis”). Here’s the show notes of what we specifically covered. 

Show Notes:

  • What has Nate been up to since we last caught up with each other?  [2:16]
  • His “reverse mid-life crisis”.  [5:39] 
  • Why he doesn’t like competing in bodybuilding but loves the process of getting into incredible shape.  [7:18]
  • How have his training and nutrition philosophies evolved over time?  [10:28]
  • What does an average day of nutrition look like for him and his clients?  [14:37]
  • Is having carbs during the day actually better for cognitive function?  [16:13]
  • What is the optimal pre-workout meal?  [23:54]
  • Is daily fasting and having weekly cheat meals recommended?  [25:55]
  • How he gets great results from training only 2 days a week.  [30:40]
  • Why all training philosophies are right.  And wrong…  [39:01]
  • The one, and MOST important, thing Nate does for recovery.  [42:12]
  •  The often overlooked but most important part of your training program.  [44:08]
  • Why the “Big 3” exercises SUCK (for most people) and the importance of finding exercises that are right for you.  [46:38]
  • How is he approaching training clients during the pandemic?  [49:40]
  • Is this the resurgence of Nate Miyaki or just the rare appearance?  [53:10]

If you’re interested, you can check out the episode here: The Return of Nate Miyaki: Training & Nutrition for Physique Transformation – Episode 344