Online Fitness Courses Sale

Hope you are staying healthy and hanging in during COVID & Quarantine Times. 

When I put out my new Home Physique Training course last week, several people emailed back with positive feedback, thought it was a great solution to the current lockdown landscape we’re all living in, and asked if I would consider discounting my other online fitness courses given that situation. 

My first thought was hell no! I already felt my premium courses were set at a more than fair price given the value they provide. But then I thought about it a bit more, and wanted to be sensitive to the situation. Most of us are stuck at home, have a lot more time to learn about the topics we’re interested in (but have maybe put on the back burner with a busy life), and can put some energy and focus into improving our lifestyle habits (including training and nutrition). At the same time, many of us have had our jobs/incomes reduced, put on hold, or eliminated; and are worried about our personal finances, and the overall economic impacts of the crisis, moving forward. 

So what I decided to do was reduce the price of all of my courses by 50%. Normally there is a finite timeframe for these types of sales (creating a sense of urgency motivates more people to buy). But honestly, I don’t know what I’m planning on doing, or how long this sale will last. Everything is so fluid and seems to be changing daily (with the virus, in the world, in every industry, and in my personal life/career). Bruce Lee’s strategy of adaptability is more relevant now than ever before. And I’m just recalibrating what I’m doing now, and re-evaluating from there. 

As for you, If you are interested, you can check out the courses here: Miyaki Physique Academy 

I even created a little commercial so you can see what each course has to offer: