New Online Course — Home Physique Training: How to Build Lean Muscle & Shed Body Fat With Home-Based Training Programs

Hope you are hanging in there, staying safe, and adjusting to the social distancing and stay-at-home mandates. These are challenging times on so many levels for sure, but we’ll get through it. When you have no other choice, you just have to charge on!

As such, I wanted to remind you that I put up a post with some home-based exercises, stretches, and mobility drills. Seems like this is going to be the only workout option for most of us, for quite some time, so I wanted to give you some ideas. If you haven’t already, you can check those out here: Home Workout Suggestions

Since then, I’ve also switched over to training all of my private clients virtually. We’ve been able to work through some initial kinks, design different workouts based on experience level and equipment available, make adjustments based on assessment and feedback, fine tune a few things, and overall, get some great workouts in.

From a personal perspective, these challenges seemed to spark some content creation motivation. With the extra time (no sports on is a first world bummer, but a bummer nonetheless), and probably to prevent boredom/avoid too much anxiety, I dove into putting my home workout strategies down onto paper, setting up training templates, filming exercise demos, and compiling relevant research studies.

What’s come from that Frank The Tank-style blackout + fury of activity (the debate scene in Old School) is a new training course. 

Since its obviously a time-sensitive resource (our world seemingly changed in a second, and we need immediate solutions to some of our new challenges), I decided I couldn’t just wait for the normal timeframe of the book publishing process, which can take months, even with self-publishing. So, for now, I put it up as a new course in my online Physique Academy. Here’s the Table of Contents:

If you are interested in checking out everything it has to offer, you can do so here: Home Physique Training: How to Build Lean Muscle & Shed Body Fat With Home-Based Training Programs

Since it’s a down ‘n’ dirty version (please forgive any spelling/grammar mistakes in the text), and given the current landscape we’re living in, I wanted to make it a relatively affordable resource for most. So, you’ll see that I priced it as my publishers normally would a Kindle book vs. a full-blown multimedia course. Thought that was fair, considering I’m one of those who has to figure out how he’s going to be making a living moving forward too. 

Anyways, back to you — I’m biased, but I don’t think you should just waste your time following some random home workout tips, high risk and often unstructured boot camp-style drills, or YouTube videos/Instagram posts from mostly unqualified and questionable resources. Instead, you should get yourself on a targeted, efficient, and proven home workout program today!

That was my half-assed attempt at a sales pitch, which is really hard to do right now. I’m really just excited that I created a resource that could prove useful for you and your family during these current times. Hope you check it out here

And let me know if there is anything else that you think would be useful for you now, given our new situation.