A Free Physique Course to Kick Off The Summer Fat Shedding Season

Hope your 2019 is going great so far. When this year kicked off, there were 3 main things I really wanted to get done:

1. Prep for & participate in a fitness shoot featuring 40+ physique athletes.

2. Finalize the course content in my “Physique Academy”, focus on delivering it to YOU first, and then on getting it out there to the rest of “The People”.

3. Compete in The Master’s Division of a Natural Men’s Physique Competition.

One is done, and I’m pretty happy with how it all turned out. I still look like a convict from some angles, but its much better than the amateur bedroom shots I sometimes post on social media. In case you care whether or not the dude you are getting fitness advice from practices what he preaches, here’s a few shots from the shoot: 

Two is all about YOU, and the reason for my post today.

I recently wrapped up putting together my refined and streamlined Fundamentals of Physique Transformation course. As part of my entire package of product offerings, I always wanted to have a FREE resource as a way to introduce our overall Fat Loss & Physique Transformation Approach (including why we believe it is so much more effective, efficient, AND sustainable than what you normally see in the fitness industry), as well as to teach people a few of the highest-level practical steps they can take to get started with their own personal plan and process. 

In other words, my preference has always been to simply just show people the value we believe we can provide vs. just talk about it…

If you’ve been following my work for a while, I wanted to give you a heads up that the course does contain some stuff from the email course I’ve put out in the past. But we’ve also added a few new lessons from my Premium Natural Physique Training & Physique Nutrition Strategies courses. 

And more importantly, the free course is now all in one spot on the Teachable platform I use to host my courses. I believe this platform provides a much better way for me to deliver, and you to consume multimedia content (video + written material in PDF format), which is what the course contains. Yeah, we didn’t hold back. This isn’t just marketing material disguised as a flimsy fitness Ebook.

Anyways, I hope you check out The Free Course here: 

To me, Memorial Day has always signified the start of The Summer Shredding Season. So I hope this course helps you reach your physique goals for this Summer, and well beyond.

P.S., I’ll be grinding away right next to you for the rest of the year. I gotta knock off #3 on my 2019 To-Do List = compete in a Master’s Men’s Physique competition.