Nate’s New Physique Nutrition Strategies Course Launches Today!

In the last post, I mentioned that for the past year or so, I’ve been working on putting together a new nutrition course. Well its true. Its damn true! The course is called Physique Nutrition Strategies, it’s a multi-media Miyaki Bomb, and it officially launches today.

This course basically contains everything I’ve learned about natural physique nutrition from over 20 years in the game as a student, competitive athlete, independent researcher, part-time fitness model, and full-time coach.

We’re talking my most up-to-date strategies, target number calculations, food choice recommendations, food and meal prep demonstrations, restaurant guidelines, and the advanced assessments, analytical tools, and adjustments I use in both my own personal programs, and in those of my private, physique-focused clients.

I truly believe it is a comprehensive course that covers physique nutrition from every possible angle, is unlike anything else that exists in the fitness industry, and can without a doubt help you reach your elite physique goals. I think it’s awesome, and the best thing I’ve done so far, but you can decide for yourself whether you think the same. Don’t let my scumbag talk sell you. Check it out for yourself and let your own gut tell you. Sound fair?

That’s why we put up an in-depth product page where you can check out more about who the course is for, why it was created, and what it contains. Personally, I’m pretty stoked on the video commercial we created for it. It’s got all of the highlights of the course plus some half-naked people! I hope you check it all out here: Physique Nutrition Strategies

On a shredded side note, I’m not only the course creator. I’m also a student. I used the updated strategies presented within the course to prep for a physique photo shoot at the end of last summer, and more importantly, to try to be in my best shape ever for my 40thbirthday in December.

I thought my physique peak was at 30 when I won my weight class at the 2009 Musclemania Natural Bodybuilding World Championships. But I honestly believe I just surpassed that, and hit a new peak now, 10 years later, at 40.

The most important lessons I learned throughout that entire process are that dong thongs aren’t comfortable and shades inside aren’t cool. I also learned that the older you get, the more intelligent, strategic, and efficient you need to be with your training and nutrition programs in order to achieve optimal results.

And regardless of age, unless you have great genetics or are drug-enhanced, that’s also the type of approach you’ll need to take in order to maintain those high-level results, live lean year-round, and look awesome indefinitely.

That’s one of the reasons why I waited to launch the course until now. I wanted to let the craziness of the New Year’s resolution crowd and product push die down. Irrational emotions usually take over at this time, and most people gravitate towards some type of quick-fix, extreme plan – juice detoxes, no carbs, carnivore, all raw, etc; complete with the latest magic pills, miracle nutrients, and bio-hacks.

Advanced athletes are not immune to this. In fact, I’d say they are more susceptible to it because they are so focused and passionate about their goals. If some is good, then more is either better or works faster. And although that mindset works in many fields, it can be downright dangerous in the physique game.

Anyways, it usually takes most people a few weeks to realize that extremes don’t last, or if they do, that suffering through the sacrifices and/or side effects of them is no way to live long-term.

This year I encourage you to flip that same ol’ script, and take a more intelligent, rational, analytical, and long-term view approach to your fitness and physique transformation plan. Perhaps that’s where our course can lend a helping hand.

You see, “efficiency and sustainability” aren’t just sexy taglines for me (sexy for nerds like me I guess, but nerds need some loving too). They are fundamental lifestyle principles. I mean how many other athletes, authors, coaches, or course creators do you know that can say they’ve been in photo-shoot shape for 10 years straight?

And they’re something we integrate into every single lesson inside our course. Give it a chance and check it out here: Physique Nutrition Strategies