Our New Natural Physique Training Course is Now Open for Enrollment

If you haven’t been following our email list, I just wanted to give you a quick heads up that our new Natural Physique Training For Busy Professionals course is now up for sale and open for enrollment. I’m nervous as shit, but we’re gonna get through it.

We put up a whole fancy, schmancy sales page for the course that goes into the full story of who its for, how and why it was created, and why its different from what else is out there in the industry.

The page has a bunch of pictures of half naked people, which is always good for entertainment purposes. It even has a TV-style commercial for it, which I think is pretty bad ass! But alas, I’m totally bias.

Anyways, if you are more of a straight to the biz bro/get to the goods girl, and just want to know exactly what the course curriculum covers, we put up the full table of contents/course syllabus on the page as well. You can even preview a few of the lectures inside of the course so you can get a feel for the format and style.

Anyways, I hope you give it a chance and check it all out here: http://naturalphysiquetraining.teachable.com

If you need more convincing before you click, here’s my marketing pitch…


But first, if you’ve been around here for a while, you know that I have a bad history with marketing. While I love researching, creating content, sharing strategies and educating “The People”, I really do hate the constant clamoring for attention and promoting yourself as an all-knowing guru that seems to be necessary to get your shit noticed in the fitness industry.

That’s one of the main reasons why I took a longer than anticipated break from the online game. I just burned out of that part of it.

I mean I made many mistakes during my first shot at this – some straight up my own, and some working with publishing partners in the past. But I just couldn’t keep rolling along with what was deemed “necessary to succeed” if it didn’t feel right, and I couldn’t sleep at night.

My philosophy has always been that we’re just two teammates getting after the natural physique training game together. And if our paths happen to cross, I’m happy to share the strategies that have helped me along the way with you, perhaps over a bourbon that you’re buying, hahaha.

I don’t know man, that may be total hippie bullshit, but it’s truly authentic. And that process seems to happen so much more naturally in my offline business. Maybe its just because I’ve been doing it a lot longer.

Its straight up like this, “here’s what I do, here’s what I think we can do together, if that sounds like something you are into, then lets stop jerking each other off and go get the damn job done. I’m not your savior. I can’t solve all of your problems for you. But I damn sure believe I can share some strategies that help you get shredded.”

Anyways, I decided that when I started putting out content again, I was just going to do it, and market it, my own way. At least if it flops, I’ll have failed doing it my way. And I guess then there really can be no regret regardless. I think the only true regret in life comes when you DON’T listen to your gut. At least that was the moral of the story I took away from my first time around with this stuff.

So with that sentiment (sorry for the long tangent), instead of a bunch of buzz words and other slick bullshit, I figured the best way to properly hype The Natural Physique Training course while staying true to my style is to just pull back the curtain and give you a straight forward look at what’s inside of it. But first…


What do I feel is the main problem in the modern fitness game?

Most training programs out there these days, even those designed by many professional trainers and coaches, are NOT ideal for physique-focused fitness goals. As a result, many people (perhaps including you) are putting a bunch of time, money, and effort into their exercise programs, but are getting nowhere with their physique goals. Nothing could be more useless.

What’s our solution/Why is our approach any different?

We take a much more focused and targeted approach to physique transformation. Our strategies are based off of research in The Exercise Physiology & Sports Nutrition fields, plus practical experience as an athlete and coach in The Natural Physique Game. And we believe our course can provide you with much more effective and efficient plans to help you finally reach your higher-level physique goals.

I think it’s awesome, but you can decide for yourself whether you think the same. Don’t let some scumbag’s words sell you. Let your own gut tell you. Sound fair to you?

If so, here are the Sportscenter-style highlights of what the course contains…

1. In-Depth Lessons on Training Strategy

We cover all of the details you’ll need to get set-up with a targeted and efficient physique transformation program. Things like:

Training Specificity Strategy, Body Part & Total Training Frequency, Exercise Selection Strategies, Training Splits, Sets & Total Training Volume, Rep and Inter-Set rests, Physique Technique & Training Tempos, Training intensity & the Reps-to-Failure Scale, Muscle Tension & Metabolic Stress Sets

And more…

You’ll learn the technical reasons behind why some of the popular training approaches and trends in the gyms and magazines may be appropriate for other goals, but are not necessarily ideal for physique transformation.

Training to improve performance is different then training to change your appearance. There is overlap amongst the two, but there are definitely distinctions as well, that is if you want to take the fastest and most efficient results possible. Perhaps a mismatched program is the main reason why you may be beating the shit out of yourself in the gym on a daily basis, but remain disappointed with the results.

We go through each program detail together with whiteboards and screencast videos, just as I would be teaching it at a training seminar, or in person to a private client.

2. The Foundational Physique Routine

We put all of those strategies and training variables together into a simple, straightforward, and practical game plan you can get started with right away.

Some people want to be told exactly what to do so they have no doubts. They don’t want to have to think about, or decide anything. They want a simple plan on paper that they can go out and execute. I completely understand.

So at the core of the course is just that, a plan that I call The Foundational Physique Routine. This is a detailed program that includes my personal favorite physique-focused exercises, specific set and rep schemes, and has prescriptions for every other program variable.

This is the program I’ve personally used over the last few years to prepare for several professional fitness model photo shoots. A PDF of the program is included, so you can print it out and take it with you to the gym, or follow along on your tablet or phone.

Screen Shot 2017-10-25 at 6.39.11 AM

3. Additional Training Templates

Other intermediate and advanced trainees still want expert guidance, but they also want a little more freedom and flexibility to customize their program, and to adjust it based on individual situation and goals. So the course includes some additional program templates including:

The 2-Day Beginner & Busy Professional Full Body Template

The 3-Day Push-Pull Template

The 3-Day Push-Pull + Priority Body Part Training Template

The 4-Day Torso-Limbs Split

I’ll go through each workout template with you. I’ll also explain why we use a variety of templates at different times throughout the year vs. a single, static program. Instead of a 90-Day or 12-week plan, you’ll have a comprehensive physique-focused program with a variety of plans that you can use and rotate through indefinitely.

4. Exercise Library & Video Demonstrations

Its one thing to talk about exercises and show you pictures. But we include video exercise demos from multiple camera angles so you can see the movements in action. These are in mobile-friendly formats, so you can follow along on your tablet or smart phone, or refer back to them whenever necessary.

Instead of overloading you with long-winded explanations of technique (that no one remembers), I’ll give you some key coaching cues in bullet point format to help ensure proper exercise form. This is exactly what I do in the gym with my private clients.

We’ll also go through the exercise list and explain why I choose certain movements in my physique-focused programs, and avoid others (targeted muscle activation, risk-reward factors, injury history considerations, common muscle imbalances, etc).

5. Advanced Program Customization Strategies

The course also includes a section on personal customization strategies. Most athletes and trainers just tell their clients to follow what has worked for them personally. While well intentioned, many clients AND coaches don’t truly understand the need for, and value of, program customization strategies.

You see, although the foundation of our physique transformation programs should all fall under broad research-based, physique-focused parameters, the exact set and rep schemes, exercise choices, training frequency, etc. can all be different based on our individual body types, muscle fiber type distribution, exercise history, injury history, and just personal preferences.

So I’m not just going to leave you with a 90-Day cookie cutter plan that you normally see in magazine articles or flimsy ebooks. This course takes a more comprehensive approach, and teaches you how you can test, assess, and adjust the different program variables based on personal progress and feedback to ultimately find what work best for YOU. That’s how you ultimately optimize your plan and maximize your genetic potential.


Well shoot suckas, if you haven’t popped a boner about this course by now, I don’t know what else to tell you other then you might want to look into erectile dysfunction and Viagra. I’ve had a stiffy-stifferton for 4-hours straight just writing this promo-style post.

Our plan for now is to just do what they call a “soft launch” or “internal launch” for our physique crew only. What that means is that this course is only going to be up for sale and open for enrollment from now until Friday 11/3. After that, we’re going to shut things down and just focus on giving the best experience to our students.

We’re living in a digital world, so here’s the digital low down again: http://naturalphysiquetraining.teachable.com

So get on over there and get your ass enrolled, or else you’ll have to wait until we open it back up again to the public. To be honest, I have no idea if, or when that will be. With my Vagabond-style, I’m totally unpredictable like that.