Back in The Game With New Physique Transformation Video Courses Coming Soon

In my best The Rock impersonation, “Finally, The Miyaki has come back to…Online Fitness.” And finally, he has come back to claim his spot as your People’s Physique Champ. How does he plan on doing that?

Well, he wants to help you integrate physique-focused fitness programs into your busy life. He wants to provide you with efficient strategies to reach your elite physique goals without compromising your career, cognitive function, health, happiness, sanity, sex, or social life. He’s seen how the industry has degraded into:

1. A bunch of fitness content that is just click-bait, and not about actually providing real physique transformation information. Seems every trainer wants to be a fitness celebrity these days, whether they have proven effective and efficient strategies or not. It is no longer about helping The People. It is all about feeding the ego.

2. The bat shit crazy, OCD fitness peeps that take a shotgun approach to physique-focused fitness plans. They proclaim you must workout 7 days a week, twice a day, for hours at a time, all while eating no carbs and slamming down 50 different supplements, in order to get into great shape.

Although they may look great (sex sells on Instragram), a decent percentage are forgetting to tell you that they are sweeping their physique-enhancing drug use, and a ton of physical, metabolic, hormonal, emotional, and psychological side effects under the rug to promote this “hardcore” lifestyle.

And by the way, this isn’t just in the extreme bodybuilding world, which is the most glaring visual representation of this, so normally gets the bulk (pun intended) of the bashing for it. I’ve been around the fitness block, and have seen this madness maybe even more in the biohacker, strength coach, cross-fit, Paleo, ketogenic, and mma communities (look at all of the dudes getting popped since stricter testing policies have gone into place).

I’m not saying any of this just to be a judgmental dick. I don’t really give a damn about what anyone else does to be honest. I just care about the naïve dude training under totally different physiological conditions trying to follow these plans, and ending up injured, beat up, burned out, back on the couch, and metabolically and hormonally broken.

I have a few friends that I just couldn’t break through the brainwashing they went through by the fitness industry, and some of the fitness athletes and models they follow. It was sad to see them getting swindled, and suffering the consequences of mismatched plans. Hopefully, they get tired of being miserable all day soon.

And instead of just bitching about shit, I decided to get back up off my ass and do something about it. Thus, I wanted to give you a quick update about what I’ve been doing, and what I have planned for The Fall.

Now, I know you don’t really give a shit about me or my other friends. You’re here to acquire information and content that helps YOU reach YOUR physique goals. But I promise by the end result of this Weekend Update with Nate Miyaki, and the subsequent content to come, something will ultimately be beneficial for you. So bear with me.

The Offline Training Business With Educational Emphasis

The core of my business has always been working with private clients. A good chunk of them have been with me for 5 years or more. They dig what we’re doing, and we have a good time hanging, training, and sharing perverted and immature humor together.

But with some extra time after my last book release, the schedule opened up a bit. I generally work with intermediate trainees that are training regularly (or semi-regularly) and have some knowledge/interest in health and fitness. But most need to narrow their focus, and improve the effectiveness, specificity, and efficiency of their program.

As I started to work with a few new people, I noticed an emerging trend. More and more people are being pushed into programs that don’t match their true goals (in my case, working with people that are prioritizing fat loss, muscle gaining, and physique transformation training).

Most training programs out there these days, even those designed by many professional trainers and coaches, are NOT ideal for physique-focused fitness goals. Seems like we are in an era of the shotgun approach to fitness just to try and stay “cutting edge”. Just jam as many training toys and trends into each workout as possible like a fitness chicken with its head cut off — run from balancing on Bosu balls to blasting out burpee’s to swinging ropes to shaking weights on vibrating plates, etc. And then pair that with the rotating ketogenic, juice detox, amino acid IV drip, coffee enema diet, etc.

Listen man, for elite physique goals, you can’t just do a bunch of random shit at the gym (unless you have great genetics or are drug-enhanced). You need to make sure that your training and nutrition program, down to every last detail, is structured in a way that matches your main goal. If you don’t, as is the case with many who just blindly follow the latest trends in the gym, your results will be less than optimal.

As soon as I got these new physique peeps on more targeted and specific plans, the results have been pretty awesome from a practical application and real world perspective.

But the job didn’t end there.

In this social media, ADD, Information Era, the need to educate The People is even more critical. Most with even a small interest in fitness are bombarded with gym myths, pseudoscience, and straight up bullshit, and have a ton of pre-conceived notions about what it takes to get into great shape.

I get that most people just want to know what to do. But what I’ve found over the years is that that if you take just a little bit of time to learn more about “the why” behind “the what” you are doing, you are much more likely to stick to that plan and ultimately see things through to the end.

A little knowledge leads to confidence. Confidence leads to consistent action. Consistent action is the only thing that will carry you all the way through to your end goal.

The alternative is that without a baseline level of knowledge and understanding, people are easily duped by clever marketing material, health and fitness trends, or the shiny new toy syndrome. They end up hopping around from program to program with no real results to show for it.

The Creation of The New Physique Training Course

So educating my clients on the theory and research behind my training programs has become a bigger focus over the last few years.

Online, you know me more as a fat loss diet dude, but my formal educational background is more in the realm of Kinesiology.

I would never insult real scientists by claiming to be a scientist, but I do like to combine some of the scientific research that is out there with my practical experience as a natural physique athlete and coach, and integrate it into my physique-focused fitness programs. In Miyamoto Musashi-style = use whatever weapon you have in your arsenal to win.

So it has been fun for me to dig back into the research-based fitness field. If you’re a geek like me, my favorite resources are Alan Aragon’s Research Review, Brad Schoenfeld’s lab, work, and writings, and of course authors/coaches with decades of combining science with practical experience like Scott Abel and Lyle McDonald.

As I was sending the same charts, research studies, bullet point summaries, and in-depth articles to some of my new private clients, a light bulb went off. Well, more accurately, something faintly tickled my sensitive taint.

Why not take all of this content, and the practical strategies and programs I’ve developed over the last two decades, and create a comprehensive training course out of it? Why not curate it, filter through it, streamline it, and put it all into one spot so I don’t have to keep on sending the same shit out when I start working with someone new?

To be honest, for a while after my nutrition books had been published, I had been totally de-motivated and uninspired to do anything new in the online game. I didn’t want to be one of those dudes that just kept on re-hashing the same old shit just to maintain a schedule, or adding to the abundant noise vs. clarifying it.

I realized this training course idea was a chance to do something different. I could put in the work to try to re-create what I do with my private clients. And it would be a perfect compliment to my nutrition books. Give people that 1-2 punch necessary to slash fat, build lean muscle, and look awesome year-round.

Although a vagabond with Freedom as my top core value in life (freedom from, freedom for, or just freedom is the real question the great Osho would ask), with the physique transformation approach I take, the diet and training plan are co-dependent, everything has a place and a purpose, and you really can’t implement one without the other if you want to take things all the way and maximize your genetic potential.

So that’s what I’ve been doing the last two years or so. Curating info, filming, editing, streamlining, and creating this training course. And of course with my Kaizen/samurai-style, I’ve scratched everything and started over like six times. On the 7th try, I finally feel that maybe its close enough to being being of use for you.

The Practical Application of The Program in The Physique Game

During the time that I was putting the course together, I also felt the need to put the program to the test, and practically apply it in the natural physique game. I guess I’m one of those guys that believe you should practice what you preach, do what you teach, be a living example of what you want others to sample, or something like that.

Show JPeg

I wanted to prove, both to myself and to The People, that there are alternative and sane ways you can get into photo shoot or competition shape without using extreme, crazy, or drug-enhanced protocols. So over the last two years while I was working on the course and keeping my training business going, I competed in a natural men’s physique show. I also prepped for a few fitness photo shoots that popped up (on a side not, I was busy as shit, hence, sorry I disappeared for more than just the minute that I once promised).

However, I do want to reiterate that physique competitors are NOT the demographic that I am primarily talking to with my content, courses, or programs. Fucking crazy bastards are generally the ones perpetuating the myth that you need to workout 7 days a week and eat no carbs to get into great shape.

I worked out 3 days a week for 30-45 minutes or so, and ate between 200-400g of carbs a day during these preparation (H) phases. These are the types of programs I teach in the course, and they are primarily designed for busy professionals with a real life and career outside of fitness, and that want an alternative, more efficient, more practical, more sane, and more sustainable approach to physique transformation than what you normally see in the physique-focused fitness field.

New Direction & Next Steps

Well, that was the movie-style montage of my storyline over the last two years, which brings us to “The Present Day” in this physique-themed love story. So like any good screenwriter, I guess its time to integrate a little dramatic foreshadowing. Where are our heroes (me and you) headed next?

1. The Physique Training Course Release (coming soon)

I’m wrapping up…uploading…the course content to the platform I’m using, and making it presentable and digestible. Given that I’m technologically challenged, I’m really happy with how it is going so far.

It’s a multimedia course – videos, whiteboards, exercise demos, screencasts, PDF lessons, etc. – and the platform seems to make it really easy to set up, organize, and structure that content, and to allow it to be easily accessed, viewed, and absorbed by potential students.

Since this is going to be my flagship physique-training product, I want to take the time to do it right. And I’ll be totally honest upfront = when its ready, I am going to try to sell the shit out of this course to you. I gotta make a living somehow, and more importantly, I truly believe in its immense value. Its basically everything I do in my private practice with my clients that pay the big buckaroos. So I can’t just give it away for free.

2. The Free Fundamentals of Physique Transformation Mini-Course First (up next)

What I can give away for free is a mini-course that I created along the way. That’s on deck, and up next. I felt I should give y’all a big picture view of the entire approach we take to the natural physique game (training, diet, and the interrelation between the two that is necessary in designing efficient programs), as well as the highest-level steps I know of to get started with the physique transformation process.

Since I miss my days as a pro wrestler, I actually filmed a little promo video going into exactly what the course is all about, how its set up (a 3-part video series), and who its for. This isn’t some flimsy ebook disguised as marketing material. I already told you my intentions of selling you my training course when its ready, so there is no need to be salesman sneaky about anything. We can dive right into educating, sharing targeted strategies, and getting shit done.

But since this post is already way too freaking long, I’ll post it up and shoot it out to you next time.

And just a heads up — the free course itself will be delivered through a series of emails. If you are already on my email list, you’re good to go and we’ll get that thing rocking next week. If you are not already signed up to receive those direct emails, you can do so here: email list sign-up

Its good to be back together again my physique friend. See you soon.