7/25 6-Pack Book Sale & Quick Website/Content Direction Update

1. First off, just wanted to say I hope you are having a sweet Summer ’16, and that the Summer Breeze (DJ Quick) is freely flowing, and feeling good in your ‘hood. Man, DJ Quick was right, “When you’re kicking it, time flies by. Every hour’s a minute, and every minute’s a second.”

2. My buddies over at Buck Books are doing me a solid, and giving my most recent book — The 6-Pack Checklist — a marketing push on their platform. What the hell does that have to do with you? Well, if you haven’t had a chance to check out this fitness classic, you can grab it today (7/25) on sale for $0.99. If you already have it in your digital bookshelf (and have executed the game plan), you’re probably ripped and fit by now, so you can forget about it and skip to the next verse. For all those who were late to the “getting lean” party, here’s the link:

3. I’ll have more about this in a future, more thorough email update. But for now, I just wanted to say sorry that I’ve been M.I.A. and away for a while. Its funny the timing of this generous PR push from my publishing posse. Since putting out The 6-Pack Checklist, I’ve kind of been struggling from a writer’s, artist’s (cough, cough, cheesy hippie’s) perspective.

Honestly, this was the book (a streamlined and simplified game plan for intermediate and advanced trainees trying to achieve higher-level physique goals) that I had been trying to write for close to…(Austin Powers-style awkward pause)…6 years…(The Rock-style quirky eyebrow raise). Once I finally nailed it, and after we celebrated good times (Kool & The Gang), I guess I sort of went through a little post-product creation depression, and didn’t really know what to do with myself next.
You see, I didn’t want to be one of these fitness dudes who just keeps on re-hashing the same old shit to stay relevant or make money (I’m still young enough that I can prostitute myself in other ways, and do OK for myself offline and on the streets). For a while, every time I started to write something I stopped myself and asked why? I had already covered this or that strategy in da book, and there was no need to do it again and add to the noise. I truly believe the physique transformation process is relatively simple (not necessarily easy, but simple). It’s all about execution and consistency.
4. So I thought the best thing to do for the first part of ’16 was to drop the pen/keyboard, put my strategies through the real-world test myself, and get back into the game as an athlete and student. On the geeky side of things, I’ve been catching up on a ton of fitness continuing education and research (Alan Aragon & Brad Schoenfeld are my two favorite resources). I’ve also been studying some digital content creation stuff (video production, WordPress, a little coding, etc.) so I can improve upon the delivery mechanisms of my future content.
On the athletic side of things, stuff has gone a little bit better than expected, and I’ve been tied up tighter (wink, wink) than I thought. I got picked up by a talent agency here in SF, and have trained, prepped, and participated in several fitness photo shoots. Here’s a cool shot from a comic book/graphic novel-style shoot:
Nate as The Crow for a fitness photo shoot
I started training because of Brandon Lee and the original Crow movie
5. What does all of my selfishness and vain ridiculousness have to do with you? Throughout the above processes, I believe my knowledge and relevant practical experience has improved and expanded. My physique transformation strategies have evolved somewhat as well. This has re-motivated me to pick up the pen again (I’m kind of a career Vagabond and really don’t do shit unless I’m inspired and into it), and I’ve come up with some new ideas for content that I think would be useful for you, could ultimately help YOU reach YOUR physique goals, and/or sustain them indefinitely. We’re kicking around the idea of a training video, and a physique-friendly recipe/cook book. Me and Kalai have been in Da Kitchen perfecting some Island-style meals that we’re really digging.
6. Anyways, I wanted to make this update quick, and its already gone on too long. We still have some stuff we’re working on on the tech side of things, but I’ll be in touch again soon. In the meantime, please think about if you’d be into either of the ideas we’re thinking about creating (training video and/or cook book), or whatever else you think could be a “helping hand” throughout your time in physique transformation land.
Until then, enjoy the rest of the Summer, Summer, Summertime (DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince)