Nate’s 2016 Vlog Series Intro

After my last blog post went up, I got a bunch of questions back about where I’ve been, how my Shiitake is doing (in my best Austin Powers impression, “wonderful baby, yeah), and what direction the blog content is going in next?

Since I’m a straight shooter, I thought I’d get on camera and uh…straight shoot with you…in a video post. For those who’d rather read than watch the video, I summarized the ramblings in some bullet points below.

Where Have I Been Part I?

  • To be honest, I burned out a little bit of the online fitness game. In trying to commercialize my content and make some cash, I felt like some of the shit I was doing wasn’t the right fit for me (like Magnum condoms), and was starting to get a little bit inauthentic.
  • I guess my lack of confidence in the online business space had me pin-balling around between a bunch of different strategies with no real big picture focus (much like a fitness beginner that just jumps around to whatever the latest trends in the gyms are) vs. really taking the time to form and execute a game plan that fits my personal style, strengths, weaknesses, preferences, and goals, etc. I felt like I was just copying the successful gurus vs. going with my guts. And although it did lead to a few more dimes, it wasn’t sitting right in my stomach when it came time to dine.
  • So I felt I needed to take a step back, shut the hell up for a while, and re-assess how I want to go about getting my content across to you, in hopes that it will help you out somehow.

Where Have I Been Part 2?

  • Starting in the summer, things just randomly ramped up offline, and there are only so many hours in a day. In addition to running my private training business (which is still my primary business), I got a couple of opportunities to get back in the game as a physique athlete by training/prepping for a few photo shoots.
  • I also spent a lot of time the last few months studying some stuff as a student – reading research reviews and books, taking some continuing education courses, etc. I felt I had stagnated in my knowledge, and needed to drop a shot of adrenaline into my brain. That thing (a) is a cartoon show and completely unpredictable, and (b) gets bored easily. So I had to feed the cerebral beast.
  • Finally, it was the freakin’ Holiday season for Santa’s sake, and you know The Miyaki likes his uninterrupted time under the Mistletoe. Humping your Laptop or I-phone just isn’t the same.

Where’s The Content Going in 2016?

  • I’ve really digged (dug??) getting back into the game as an athlete and student these past few months. Too much time behind a computer screen can make you soft, and turn you into an armchair arguer vs. a practical application action taker. So I plan on continuing on with that, ramping things up, and training for some natural physique shows later this year.
  • And despite my bulbous head that is way too big for my body (I got a little reverse Beetlejuice thing going on), I have a meeting with a talent agency at the end of this month. Who knows where that might lead man?
  • One thing I know for sure – I’ll have plenty of time to write more books when I’m old and out of shape. But I’ll die with regret if I know I didn’t spend enough time and effort trying to prostitute my physique when I had the chance.
  • So to solve this multi-part riddle of getting back to being totally authentic, and devoting more time offline to being an athlete and student while still trying to help you with some strategies along the way, I figured the best play call was to go back to the beginning.
  • I originally got into the online game by writing a “Competitor’s Blog” while prepping for a Musclemania Natural Bodybuilding Event in 2009. Basically, I was just sharing the training and nutrition strategies that I was using at that time to prep for the show. I enjoyed that process, kept going with it, and that’s how was originally born. (On a side note, Nate Miyaki, the forever man-child, was born exactly 9 months after an Irish Saint — probably a few drinks in — could not resist the sly and seductive moves of The Japanese Ron Burgundy (a subliminal blog shout out since I miss them both).
  • So that’s my plan at this moment in time – get back to something more straightforward like that. Who knows though, I’m a little ADD so that could all change tomorrow? But over the next few months, I plan on sharing the thought processes, strategies, and resources (research, articles, other experts and coaches I’ve personally learned from) I use as a physique athlete.
  • I should point out that although I say “Competitor’s Blog”, it is really not meant just for physique competitors. It’s actually not meant for competitors at all. I get that (a) a lot of competitors will do some really crazy and extreme shit to get in shape (that’s not my style man = I compete for fun and get paid in other ways) and (b) most normal people have no desire to compete anyways. They just want some efficient training and nutrition plans to try and stay in decent physique shape year-round without giving up their health, career, sanity, sex, or social life. That’s the big picture framework from which I’ve always approached the game, simply because I have a freakin’ life and interests outside of fitness as well.

If that puts us on the same page, and diving into the details of an efficient physique transformation approach sounds like something you’d be into, make sure you are on the email list (you can sign up HERE if you’re not already) so you receive a notice when each new physique vlog hits the streets. This will most likely include parts of my past articles, blogs, and books (sort of like The Best of Miyaki), but also some strategies and play calls that have evolved over time based on new research and ongoing practical experience. It will also include links to some of my favorite articles/videos from other athletes and coaches that I’ve learned from. This way, you can get a broad perspective, and then…

1. Research your own experience. 2. Absorb what is useful. 3. Reject what is useless. 4. Add what is specifically your own. — Bruce Lee.

Until next time, get your dong thongs or bikini bottoms dusted off and ready to rock…