Nate’s Interview on The Fit Body Pro Podcast

I was recently on my buddy Chris Dufey’s Fit Body Pro Podcast babbling about physique transformation bullshit as always, hahaha…

Actually I think we covered a lot of cool and useful physique transformation topics that some of you might dig. Things like:

  • What variables to factor in when customizing carb intake
  • Some of the differences between extreme competition diets vs. live lean year-round lifestyle plans
  • The benefits and limitations of some of the Paleo Diet principles, and when to move beyond them
  • Strategies to make your nutrition plan more sustainable (and why you should think about that right from the beginning)
  • How I personally set up my diet plan when preparing for stuff like photo shoots, etc.

Anyways, here’s the link if you want to check it out: Fit Body Pro Podcast Episode #59 (damn, don’t these peeps know to make me the 69th Episode!!)

I’m gaining some momentum getting back into the game (just shot a little video today about the direction the blog is going in), so hope to hang again soon.