Miyaki Paleo Fitness Magazine Cover & Feature Article: 5 Sane Fat Slashing Strategies

I don’t know what is the meaning of death, but I am not afraid to die — and I go on, non-stop, going forward. Even though I, Bruce Lee, may die some day without fulfilling all of my ambitions, I will have no regrets. I did what I wanted to do and what I’ve done, I’ve done with sincerity and to the best of my ability. You can’t expect much more from life. — Bruce Lee.

I feel a lot like Adam Sandler’s Wedding Singer character when he says, “Ok, I just want to warn you that when I wrote this song, I was listening to the Cure a lot.” Before you go on reading this post, I should warn you that I’ve been reading a lot of philosophy books lately. If that’s not your thing, and you just want the useful fitness stuff, I advise you to skip to the end of this post.

Wedding Singer

On Cheesy Bucket Lists & Simplicity

It’s damn true. I have just about the cheesiest, most ridiculous bucket list on the planet. And I’m OK with that.

I don’t know man. I don’t really like traveling or fine dining. I’m a dive bar guy that likes Jameson, and more importantly, “likes to go where everybody knows your name.” I much prefer real connections with like-minded people, and spending quality time with family and friends vs. feeling the need to meet, connect, and network with celebrities or pseudo celebrities — either online or off. The whole inch wide, mile deep vs. mile wide, inch deep kind of a thing. And I’ll tell you one thing I know for sure — forced socializing sucks.

Which on a side note, reminds me to tell you that I’m going to be getting out of the online fitness game ASAP. Over time, I’ve realized its just not the right fit for me and my style. Things have sort of spiraled out of control for me online, and I feel like I’m losing my authenticity in it all as a result. Its weird man. I thought I wanted something, and once I started to get it, I realized its not what I wanted after all.

But there are a few things I have left to wrap up based on some pre-existing commitments, so more on that change of direction in a future post…

Anyways, as I become more self aware, I’m coming to terms with the fact that I’m just a simple guy that likes simple things and his every day routine (coffee, training, reading fitness research and philosophy books, and spending time with Kalai, etc.). My interests and passions lie in the pursuit of my sport, losing myself in the daily process of that, and in being an independent researcher and lifelong student of a variety of stuff.

I get anxious when I feel like I’m wasting time chasing after a bunch of shit I don’t really need, or even like all that much, or when I’m forced to do shit I don’t really want to be doing.  Guess I’m just a Vagabond.

Damn, I’m digressing as always. I originally started writing this post, before the hippie bullshit ramblings took over (sorry about that), to tell you two things:

One, on a pure selfish note, I was able to cross an item off my pathetic bucket list this past week — get on a fitness magazine cover. What can I say? As a fat kid, reading fitness magazines was a huge part of my childhood, and that goal must have somehow become a part of my subconscious striving.

The Fat Slashing Strategies

Two, that ridiculousness is not all completely useless for you, because inside of that issue, I also wrote one of the feature articles. The article is entitled, “Sane Fat Slashing Strategies”. Its sort of a summary of what I believe to be a highly effective and efficient fat loss and physique transformation approach. It also includes details regarding the 5 specific, highest-level steps I believe you can take to get that job done. What are those?

  1. Use Diet For the Majority of Your Fat Loss.
  2. Make Sure Most of Your Training is Focused on Building Lean Muscle.
  3. Start With a Moderate Amount of All the Macros
  4. Use a Whole Foods Foundation
  5. Find a Practical & Sustainable Diet Structure

If that sounds like something you would dig, you can check out the latest issue of Paleo Fitness Magazine, featuring Your People’s Physique Champ, here: https://paleomagonline.com/paleo-fitness-magazine/