The 6 Pack Checklist: The Strategies, Intro, & Free Book Giveaway

Timing is everything in life I guess…

Like that one night my wife walked into our favorite hangout Da Hukilau, and I had just enough whiskey in me to finally have the courage to talk to her, but not so much that I would make a complete fool of myself like I normally do with the ladies, striking out badly in the process.

Only by The Beard of Zeus, or more accurately The Crown of The Royal, was I able to hit an awkward single on that fateful night. (I don’t even know if that’s the correct use of that expression, but it sounded good to me). And if I remember correctly, I even busted some smooth moves on the dance floor.

Anyways, flash forward to last week. I posted up some physique progress photos on Facebook and Twitter. It was the day before a scheduled photo shoot with a fitness magazine. Since then, I’ve gotten a bunch of emails with questions about the specific training and diet strategies I used to prepare.

The photo in question, or the questionable photo???

Well, timing perfection has struck once again my friend. I’m excited to tell you that I just got off the phone (actually email) with my Amazon publishers. They are releasing my next book – The 6 Pack Checklist: A Step-by-Step Guide to Shredded Abs — for sale to the public on 8/19.

The cool thing is that they are allowing me to give it away to my peeps for free starting a few days earlier on 8/14. Again, great timing. Two of my family members’ birthdays fall on that day. Now I know what I’m giving them. And since they don’t really follow my stuff, they’ll never know…hahaha…

If you want to join us for that sheisty celebration, you too can sign up here to grab the new book for free (although if you are already a member of my email list, you don’t have to sign up again. You’ll get it automatically because baby, taking care of our own is how we do it): Free Book Sign-Up

How does this random and rambling post so far make any sort of sense? Well, this is the targeted physique transformation book geared specifically towards intermediate and advanced physique peeps that I’ve been trying to write for over 5 years.

My theories have evolved, and I believe I’ve gotten better as an athlete and writer over that timeframe based on continuing research, refinement, and practical experience. So the book has seen many different drafts. I took it for one more test drive for this past photo shoot prep phase.

I guess you could say this book is basically my updated step-by-step guide, processes, and checklist I personally use to get in peak condition for stuff like fitness shoots and, of course, personal mirror reflection time.

More importantly, I believe it contains fat loss and physique transformation strategies that could be useful for you as well.

With this post, I wanted to throw up the Table of Contents (which is basically the actual step-by-step strategies) and some snippets from the Intro Section, so you can read what its all about, and decide for yourself whether or not you think it might be something you would dig. Cool?

6-Pack Cover

6-Pack Checklist Table of Contents

Section I – Intro & Bigger Picture Strategies

Get Back to the Basics

The People’s 6-Pack Champ

Focus on Your Diet First

Section II – The Official Checklist

Step #1 – Get in the Calorie Deficit Necessary for Fat Loss

Step #2 – Reduce Refined & Hyper-palatable Foods

Step #3 – Emphasize High Satiety Whole Foods

Step #4 – Eat Adequate Protein

Step #5 – Strength Train to Maintain Lean Muscle

Step #6 – Moderate Dietary Fat Intake

Step #7 – Adjust Your Carbs as Necessary

Step #8 – Ditch the Fitness Myths & Find a Sustainable Diet Structure

Step #9 – Add NEPA if Necessary

Step #10 – Track Your Food Intake if Having Trouble

Step #11 – Make Subtle Adjustments at Sticking Points

Step #12 – Integrate Carb Re-Feeds When Lean



Get Back to the Basics

Nothing fancy is involved. You go straight to the heart of the matter and defeat the enemy. There is nothing else involved. You either do it or you don’t. –Miyamoto Musashi

Everyone seems to be chasing after a lean body and a glorious 6-pack these days – you, me, and the great Nacho Libre. But most people are running down the wrong roads, dead end streets, or paths with too many pitfalls. Thus they are failing to reach their final, belly fat fat-free destination.

Maybe you know what that frustration feels like, and are looking for a better way to reach your elite physique goals.

Here is the tough love truth – fat loss success rates suck. They barely stand at a sickly 2-20%, depending on the studies and statistics you use. Success is defined as the ability to lose body fat AND keep it off for more than a year.

Crash diets followed by rebounds and constant yo-yo’ing doesn’t count. Neither does popping in some “extreme training” video and jumping around like a cheerleader on crack for 90 days, then recovering from all of your injuries or burn out on the couch the rest of the year.

And surprisingly enough, alternating between a 6-pack “in-season” and looking 6-months pregnant in the off-season probably doesn’t count either. Jumping from jagged-edge cuts to jiggly-wigglies just doesn’t jive with the fact that objective fat loss numbers never lie.

There is no doubt about it — Man Boobs & Muffin Tops are a tenacious tag team opponent that is hard to keep down for the count these days. We’re a long way away from our really, really, ridiculously vain goals of living lean year-round.

Fundamental Strategies & Steps vs. Get Fit Quick Tricks

There are a variety of reasons for this staggering lack of fat-slashing success. Perhaps the biggest is that in the Internet Era, we’ve gotten way too caught up in chasing after magic pills, quick fixes, and cutting edge trends. We are too easily distracted by bio-hacks, insider tricks, and minutia that doesn’t really matter that much in the end.

“Click this ad to learn the one weird trick fitness models use to get shredded”. Well, I’ve worked as a fitness model a few times, and I can tell you the only “weird” thing is that people still believe that B.S. exists.

Tricks are for kids, portly ones at that. Trust me, I know. They used to call me the Baby Sumo & Boob (because I was a little ball of fat that everyone liked to squeeze). But they’re not for adults that don’t believe in fat loss fairy dust, and are trying to build a board short or bikini-ready body. And yes grammar police, I know that was just a double negative. I guess how I feel about the current state of the fitness industry is rubbing off on my writing.

As a result of this scatter brained attack; we have lost our ability to focus on the basic fat loss steps. We have moved too far away from the fundamentals that produce 95% of real-world results.

To be honest, it is not just the general public that has been led astray. Many athletes, trainers, authors, and fitness bloggers have gotten bit by the over-complication and quick-fix syndromes, and are suffering the side effects of that toxic venom. So if you just choose some random program or diet, your chances of finding a sustainable way to succeed with your higher-level physique goals are slim (pun intended).

If you would rather streamline and simplify your physique transformation plan, and implement a practical approach that produces consistent results, then you need to take care of the highest-level fat loss steps first.

You need to hack away the unessential and focus on just a few basic, proven strategies so that when either the ridiculousness of the fitness industry, or your own emotion or lack of patience tries to take you on a detour, you have the right road map to stay on the most productive path.

I hope this book filters through the fitness industry fluff, brings those key fat loss fundamentals back into the forefront of your mind, and gives you the step-by-step plan you’ll need succeed with your goals.

If you start at the top of the hierarchy of importance (step #1), work your way down the list, and check things off one by one (as you apply, NOT just read about), you will surely find the Way to shed your body fat disguise, and unveil the 6-pack gift that anatomy has bestowed upon all of us.

P.S. A 6-Pack Won’t Change Your Life

Do you think a 6-Pack will bring you fortune? As I said, I’ve done several professional fitness model shoots and been in some of the mainstream magazines, and the pay is crap.

Do you think a 6-Pack will bring you fame?  Unless you like Borat-style high-fives from the dude working out next to you at the gym, who always smells like beef and cheese (sometimes with a hint of onion), no one in the real world really cares about your 6-Pack except you. Trust me on that one.

Do you think a 6-Pack will make you happy? Not to get too philosophical on you, but happiness is an internal thing, not an external one. It is about passion, self-actualization, and living up to your own core values, not anyone else’s. It is about digging yourself, not depending on the approval of anyone else.

Care about people’s approval and you will be their prisoner. – Tao Te Ching

The more you value things, the less you value yourself. The more you depend upon others for esteem, the less you are self-sufficient…Freedom discovers man the moment he loses concern over what impression he is making or about to make. – Bruce Lee

So make sure you are starting this process out for the right reasons, else it will fizzle just as quickly. And I don’t want to be the dude selling you modern guru snake oil.

But perhaps you just want to challenge yourself to see how good of shape you can actually get in. There are other ways – more physique-focused ways – to do that other than running a marathon.

Maybe just going through a process that requires some education, effort, consistency, discipline, determination, delayed gratification, patience, and perseverance can positively permeate out into other areas of your life.

Or maybe its just because 6-Packs are a pretty awesome thing from an aesthetic perspective, and you want to rock one on a regular basis.

Just don’t think achieving some superficial goal is somehow going to change your life.

Finally, I don’t care what any modern “movement”, corrective exercise expert, or functional training guru says. 6-packs are absolutely functional. If you are stuck with a small piece below the belt line like me, you can’t have a big ol’ belly and still get the job done in the bedroom. The physics of it all just doesn’t work out.

So depending on the size of your shiitake, you just might have no other choice but to shed that belly fat down to a 6-pack in order to perform optimally in the sack. And baby, its debatable whether moving like an animal is all that “functional”. But mating like one absolutely is.

Alright then my friend, enough of the poops and pontification, the sh!znits and giggles! Lets get this thing rolling (or more accurately, lets get that body fat rolling off your body).


Alllll-righty then my fitness friend, once again, if you’d like to sign up so you can download the book for free on the 14th, you can do that here: Free Book Sign-Up Page