Big Thanks & The $1 Buck Book Official Truth About Weight Loss Launch

   First off, I just wanted to shout out a big thanks to you. The Truth About Weight Loss pre-release party with our insider crew was a major success! We ended up hitting the double “snake eyes” in our categories, as well as cracking into the Top 100 overall. Not bad for a band of hooligans. Check it out baby. We’re changing the fitness world!
TAWL Rankings
   Second, the book officially releases to the rest of the public today with a one day, $1 sale. If you dug the book, think others could benefit from it, and think they can handle The Truth, I would really appreciate it if you share the news about this awesome sale via email, social media, or good ol’ word of mouth.
   But please brush and floss your teeth first if you decide to go with that last, old school strategy. No one’s going to be able to focus on buying a book if someone is blasting bad breath in their face.
   In case they are unconvinced, even despite your exceptionally considerate dental hygiene, I filmed a second video promo about the book.  This one is more detailed, and dives into a section-by-section breakdown of what we cover in the book.

   With this official launch, we are hoping to keep the momentum from the weekend rolling, make some sales, and continue surging up the Amazon charts. The hope is that I can at least continue to eat (my Island-style diet) while writing more difference-making books for you.
   On that note, I’m actually 75% done with a follow up book to add to the ever-expanding Kindle Fitness Catalog — a step-by-step fat loss/6-pack guide for intermediate athletes and advanced physique peeps.
   I really wanted to create a comprehensive guide for beginners first so I could move on to focus exclusively on what I’m most passionate about — advanced physique transformation strategies.
   So grab The Truth About Weight Loss first for a foundation, and/or give it to a beginner friend.  Then, stay tuned for some additional Summertime Shredding Strategies coming soon.