The Truth About Weight Loss: Grab The Next Book For Free on 5/22

I’m excited to announce that the next book in my Amazon Fitness Catalog — The Truth About Weight Loss: A Beginner’s Guide to Cutting through the Fluff & Finding a Sustainable Weight Loss Solution — is releasing on May 22nd.

Since I believe the majority of the health, fitness, diet, and weight loss industries are heading in the wrong direction, and have completely lost the goal of actually helping people…

And since where I come from we always take care of our crew, I wanted to do the best I could to set things straight, and give this one away to you for free before we release it to the public. If you are down with that deal, you can sign up for it here:

Free Book Sign-Up Page

Just a couple of quick notes on that so there is no confusion:

1. This is not useless marketing material disguised in some crappy “insider secret” PDF. This is the actual full book that will be hitting the Amazon stores roughly a week later.

2. We will be giving away the digital version of the book (Kindle download) for free, not the priceless paperback. I love The People, but I’m still a struggling writer and can’t give away all of my shit for free.

3. If you are already a member of my Book Club or Beach Physique Course, you don’t need to sign up again. You’ll be getting the details of how to download the book as well.

And with that out of the way, on to the details and description of da new book!!

The Promo Video

I filmed a short video on why the book was written, who it is for, and what it’s all about. Basically I wanted to cut through the fitness industry bullshit, create a comprehensive resource that I could give to my beginner fitness buddies, and provide them with a step-by-step weight loss guide so they can go out there and get started with their goals.

Like I said in the video, this book is NOT for my advanced athletes (got another one coming out soon for those dudes and divas). However, I do believe the big picture strategies in the beginning are valuable for everyone. And some of the specific nutrition strategies like “Portion Control Shortcuts” and “Meal Frequency Flexibility & Freedom” apply across the board, and make nutrition plans of all levels a lot more practical in the real world.

Regardless, the better play call for this one for my advanced physique peeps is probably to grab it, skim it, and then give it to a friend that needs it more. No one should have to struggle with his or her weight loss goals because he or she is getting scammed by fitness bullshit.

The Table of Contents

Here’s the table of contents so you can see the exact details of what we cover in the book. Don’t worry. These are short, succinct, and straightforward chapters. This isn’t a frickin’ novel. It’s a short and simple read so you can get started with your plan as soon as possible.

Part I – Big Picture Strategies

  1. Weight Loss Success Rates Suck
  2. How I Can Help You Find a Better Way
  3. Changing Your Habits vs. Chasing Magic Pills
  4. Practical Lifestyle Plans vs. Get Fit Quick Schemes
  5. Quality of Weight Loss vs. Quantity
  6. Simplicity & Efficiency vs. Complexity & Mystery
  7. Your Straightforward & Sustainable Weight Loss Solution Summary

Part II – Nutrition Strategies

  1. Why Prioritize Diet First
  2. Forget Minutia & Focus on the Major Steps
  3. Combatting the Major Causes of Weight Gain
  4. Cut Back on the Crap to Start Slashing Fat
  5. The Caveman Foundation for Simplification
  6. Healthy Cultural Diets for Additional Clues
  7. Nailing Down the Right Diet Numbers
  8. The Island-Style Diet Approach
  9. Portion Control Shortcuts
  10. Meal Frequency Flexibility & Freedom
  11. Stop Trying to Starve at Night
  12. Sample Island-Style Diets
  13. The Weekend Cheat Feast Strategy
  14. The Daily Discretionary Calorie Strategy 

Part III – Exercise Strategies

  1. Match Your Program to Your Goal
  2. The Beginner’s Walking Weight Loss Solution
  3. Build Lean Muscle for Higher-Level Physique Goals
  4. Use Basic Exercises to Build a Beach-Ready Body


Perry B 1

If you have never been exposed to Miyaki (or had the pleasure of Miyaki exposing himself to you), here’s what the people are saying about Your People’s Physique Champ (actually, just the dude who is doing the best he can to help you reach your health & fitness goals).

Very indebted to Nate Miyaki. With the help from his blog posts, videos, and books, I went from 325 lbs. down to 254 lbs. now I am hovering around the 200 lbs. mark 3 years later! Never felt better and looked better! What I enjoy most is his no-nonsense, lets cut the crap and get down to it attitude. He also uses humor to soften it up a bit. When doing my research on how to best lose weight, this really appealed to me. He tells you what to do as well as why you should be doing it. Pretty much what I wanted: Tell me what to do and how to, then let me get at it lol.

Gotta love Nate, he tells it like it is. He doesn’t pull punches, he doesn’t lie to get sales. He is my Sensei, and with his work I went from 325 down to 237 lbs and counting. Weight loss isn’t all diet and exercise, there is a mental aspect to it as well. Give it a shot, what do you have to lose? Aside from the weight?

I’ve tried numerous diets so far, some with more and some with less success, but the more I experimented, the more this sane approach, described by Nate Miyaki, proved to be the right one. 


Hope you grab the book, dig it, and it helps you reach your weight loss goals. Again, here is where you can sign up to get it for free: Free Book Sign-Up Page