Commit to Your Mission

First off, I just wanted to thank you for all of the tremendous support. The Philz Book hit #1 in 3 different Kindle book categories upon its April release, including in Self-Help Short Reads and Coffee & Tea Books.

Second, I was stoked to get my shipment of the paperback version of the book yesterday (yes, I’m still lowly enough to where I have to buy and wait for my own damn books). I know I’m bias, but I’ll be damned if this isn’t the coolest thing I ever did see. The cover, back jacket, formatting and layout of the quotes and text, etc. — my publishing partners at Archangel Ink really nailed it with this one.

I don’t say this much in the digital age, but this is one of those books you might want to grab the old-school paperback version of. It will look damn good in your library.

You can still grab either format here: A Philtered Soul on

Third, in honor of these most glorious occassions, I wanted to post up a sample chapter for those who haven’t had a chance to check out the book yet.  This is the way each section/strategy is laid out. So you can see if that style is something you might be into. Chapter 3: Commit to Your Mission was feeling like the right play call. Hope you check it out.

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Chapter 3: Commit to Your Mission

I was just outside having my cup of coffee. At that time, I was really trying to think of what our mission is, why are we here, what’s the purpose of Philz. I noticed so many people in that community coming in and giving us their time of day. Essentially, we’re controlling part of their day. They’re giving us, some people 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, whatever it is. That’s really powerful. And that gives us the unique opportunity to make a positive impact on their day, which results in a more positive community. That’s how I came up with the ‘Better People’s Day’ [mission]. – Jacob Jaber

Everyone has a plan. But it is the implementation of that plan that matters most.

Many of us talk one way, but live another. This leads to a major disconnect between who we are and who we really want to be. This in turn leads to frustration and lack of fulfillment

Your mission in life, should you choose to accept it, is simple–to fulfill your own mission. That’s simple, but it’s not easy. What stands in your way? Doubt, fear, laziness, greed, temptation, distractions, impatience, peer pressure, social standards, dogma, tradition, market pressure, financial challenges, popular trends, etc. These are all formidable foes that can easily pull you off your path.

How do you avoid these pitfalls? How do you defeat these enemies in the furnace of adversity? How do you keep to your code? How do you stick to your core principles despite the distractions? How do you stay the course regardless of the circumstances?

The secret to seeing things through to the end and merging success with personal fulfillment is simple: Know what you are fighting for.

Are you fighting for your family, your friends, your community, your ideals, your beliefs, your freedom, your passion, your purpose, or the love of your craft? If not, chances are you will either lose your Way or lose your wars.

Superficial cliché’s won’t cut it. Only real motivation from within will help you overcome all of the obstacles and setbacks you will face. It will force you to dig down deep, summon your energies and abilities, and use them to their maximum effect. It will force you to live up to your full potential and find your way through even the most intense battlefields.

So before you start researching, planning, creating, building, or fighting, first figure out exactly what you are fighting for.

What does Philz fight for?


And myself, I stress quality. All one cup at a time. Isn’t this unique? With the two mint on the side (the design of the cup). You know what I’m saying? Look at that. It’s beautiful. – Phil Jaber

It’s personalizing the coffee because we don’t have a lot of machinery. If you try a cup of Philz, you’ll like it better than espressos, lattes, and cappuccinos. If you don’t, there’s something else for you. The barista is there to find something that you like. That’s one of our core things that we do. We customize. That’s something we’re going to embrace and learn, and people are really going to see that it’s a personalized experience. – Jacob Jaber

In the last chapter, you learned about the detailed process that goes into creating each and every individual cup–from the beans to the blends, from the brewing methods to the personalized customization.

From day one, Phil has fought to bring that artistry, care, and craftsmanship back into the coffee-making process, and into an industry that is dominated by corporate, cookie-cutter methods. Phil’s mission is to emphasize quality over quantity. It is to shoot for perfection in personalized taste vs. settling for mass production for profits.

Some things in life are worth doing just right. The man who loves and lives coffee believes in his heart that a customized cup of coffee that fits your personal tastes is one of those things. He believes that other coffee lovers will value, taste, and appreciate the difference in his methods. And he respects them too much to settle for anything less.


I used to go to coffee shops and park my car, cross the street, and watch people go in. I used to time them. For example, the guy with a brown suit walked in at 10:15 and at 10:30 he’s out with a cup of coffee. I spent a lot of time watching things like that and I said to myself, ‘That’s not what I’m looking for.’ I wanted people to go in and sit, for community, like going to your grandma’s house, full of love, and give options, service. – Phil Jaber

Philz doesn’t just want you to enjoy the perfect cup of coffee. They want you to enjoy the entire coffee shop experience. Even the best cup of coffee with terrible service and a poor atmosphere leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

Coffee is more than just coffee to some of us. It’s a ritual. Sipping our brew is one of the best parts of our day. It’s an oasis from the modern madness, the one thing that we get to do solely for ourselves. It’s a time, place, and experience where you can escape for a short period of time; let your troubles, responsibilities, and worries go; and just enjoy the moment.

That’s why Phil believes the best fit for his customized cups of coffee is a family-style environment. Something that feels more like a relative’s house than a corporate headquarters clone. Something that makes you feel like you are being cared for versus being taken advantage of.

So Philz fights to make you feel at home right when you walk in the door. From the environment to the people, they fight to create shops that encourage authenticity, social interactions, real connections, and a “caring for each other” community vibe.


The second part is delivering really, really great customer service. Not the type of service you might experience at a traditional retail establishment. More like service that makes you feel like you are genuinely being cared for. I feel that’s lost, especially in a lot of bigger companies. So service that you feel like, ‘Wow, these people really care and are passionate about giving me a great cup of coffee.’ – Jacob Jaber

Give someone something great, and make him or her feel good about it, and not only do you have a loyal customer for life, you have a friend for life. Wouldn’t you rather spend your day helping, supporting, and caring for friends than serving strangers?

In the end, what are family and friendships about? They are about supporting each other through the struggles and making each other’s lives better. That starts with the simple step of making each other’s day better.

Philz’ mission is to create this feeling of community and to better people’s lives every day. Jacob fights to ensure that from top to bottom, the company never strays from that mission. That’s why he fights hard to find and hire the right people. He knows that regardless of the business or craft, it is the right people on the team that are the key to its continued success.

We are very strict with who we hire. I don’t allow anyone to enter this company without being a good fit. I need to make sure they are the right fit culturally…The most important people in this entire company, to me, are the people behind the counter. They are the face of Philz. They are the brand. When you come in as a customer, you don’t see the people at the office, you don’t see the people at the warehouse, you see the people at the counter. Our concept is very personal. So people that are personable and outgoing are really important. That’s our commitment to hiring really great people. – Jacob Jaber

After we hire them, we have a really great training program that’s constantly being revamped, revamped, and improved…It’s called Philz University…during that training, a big part of it is not just the coffee making. A lot of it is just talking to the person and really instilling and reiterating the mission of Philz, the values, and why we are here. – Jacob Jaber 

It all comes down to respect. Respecting your craft. Respecting your customer. Respecting your community. Respecting your duty.


One cup of Code 33 combined with the following steps:


One must edge forward like the inchworm, bit by bit. The gods and Buddhas, too, first started with a vow. — Hagakure

Writing a Business Mission Statement is a well-known tool in career and corporate cultures. It’s a way to set concrete goals for your business or profession and to ensure that your systems, policies, procedures, and daily decisions and actions are moving you closer towards achieving those goals.

In The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, author Steven Covey suggests that we write a Personal Mission Statement as well. This is good advice for those who want to gain some sense of direction and get the most out of their life. Do you want to be driving your company and career forward, but be lost in your own personal life? I didn’t think so.

Setting goals is a powerful tool that can be used in almost every aspect of your life–self-improvement, career advancement, educational development, athletic achievement, relationship communication, and financial growth.

Those who have never used goals for guidance or motivation tend to write them off as self-help nonsense. Those who have experienced their power set and monitor goals on a regular basis in order to maximize their potential.

All achievement starts with goals. You have to know where you want to go first before you have a chance of reaching that final destination. Setting goals helps us block out life’s distractions and narrow our focus to a specific task at hand. It helps us set priorities in our lives. It gives us the power to tap into our energies and abilities and use them to maximum effect.

Goals provide us with specific reasons for performing our daily actions. Without goals, we often wander from moment to moment, task to task without a purpose. We end up spinning our wheels, stuck in the same spot as weeks, months, and years pass, with no real accomplishments to show for it.


Setting goals is one thing. Getting them done is another. How do you make that critical transition? Here is a 4-step process.

1. Write your goals down.

These days, people talk a lot, but do very little. Writing your goal down is the first step in taking it out of the world of meaningless words and putting it into the world of meaningful action. It’s right there in front of you on a damn piece of paper, and you yourself actively put it there.

2. Place your goals where you can see them every day.

It’s too easy to get lost, sidetracked, or distracted in this hectic world. You need to keep your goals in the forefront of your mind at all times if you have any chance at success. Put your goals up in a place where you will see them multiple times a day to remind you of their importance: on your desk, as your computer screensaver, in your calendar/day-planner (paper or electronic), on your fridge, on your front door, or on your bathroom mirror.

3. Tell at least one other person about your goals.

The more people you tell the better, but you need to share your goal with at least one other person. This holds you accountable to someone and forces you to actively pursue your goal.

If you keep your goals a secret, you have no one to call you out when you are slacking off or falling off track. It can be way too easy to give up when the going gets tough. By not telling anyone, you automatically give yourself an easy way out. If you quit, no one knows that you were even chasing after something. And more importantly, no one knows that you failed because of your lack of effort. You can just start over again with no real consequences.

At least if you tell someone and you bail out, you’ll have to deal with all of the questions about what happened. No one likes to look like a weasel. Put some pressure on yourself to work toward your goals, because sometimes in life, you don’t get a second chance.

4. Take daily actions towards achieving those goals.

In the end, success in life is not about what you read, think, analyze, or plan. It is all about what you do. Move one step closer to your goals on a daily basis. See the Kaizen principle from the previous section.


Success means doing something sincerely and whole-heartedly. – Bruce Lee

No one should be forced to do things they don’t want to do in life. That’s one of the freedoms that most of us take for granted here in America. We are living in a luxurious time in our history where we have the right and the privilege to choose whatever path we desire. Some of us have a much harder road than others, for sure. But ultimately, for most of us, what we decide to pursue in life comes down to personal choice.

If an athlete doesn’t think he can endure grueling training sessions, if he can’t stand a little pain, if he doesn’t want to sacrifice some of the luxuries of the average, and if he doesn’t want to challenge himself against great competition, he shouldn’t choose to try to become a champion.

If an entrepreneur or a craftsman doesn’t want to put the blood, sweat, tears, and years into perfecting her craft, refining her methods, studying her competition, assessing markets, analyzing opportunities, solving problems, or creating something great, she shouldn’t try to rise to the top of an industry.

But if she does make that choice, she owes it to herself to dive in, put forth her greatest effort, and leave her heart and soul on the battlefield. That way, when she walks away, she will have no regrets regardless of the outcome.

The only real regret in life is knowing you could have done better when you had the chance. If you are going to approach tasks half-heartedly or just go through the motions because theoretically that is what you are supposed to do, you might as well not even start. Find something else you are more passionate about.

But when you do find that special thing you are willing to fight for, you owe it to yourself and everyone else around you, to give it your best effort. Once you choose to fight, commit to your mission, do your duty, do what you promised to do, and do it to the best of your ability. Again, if you do that, you can walk away with no regrets, regardless of the outcome.


If you’d like to check out the rest of the book, you can grab a copy by clicking the link below:

A Philtered Soul: How Passion, Perseverance, and a Damn Good Cup of Coffee Can Change Your Life