Miyaki’s International Fitness & Physique Podcast Tour

Back to the fitness stuff with a bang baby! I’ll let you interpret the connotation of that statement however you see fit. Just wondering — did you think of an innocent firework show or some more down ‘n’ dirty primal activity?

Over the last few weeks we’ve Philtered Your Soul with some strategies on following your passion, perfecting your craft, practicing just a little patience (like Guns ‘n’ Roses), and being authentic.

Speaking of being authentic…with summer quickly approaching, its time to get back to the streamlined strategies regarding slashing fat and carving 6-packs.

Truth be told, behind the scenes, Your People’s Physique Champ never really stops. He is up at 5am every day writing away, and doing what he can to share the natural physique transformation Way. So I got a lot of stuff to catch you up on.

My Latest Takes on Fat Loss Topics

I’ve been a guest on several podcasts/video interviews over the last few weeks, diving into targeted fat loss and physique transformation strategies. Its been an international tour, with stops in Romania & Bulgaria. I never thought fitness would take Mr. Miyaki and his Little Shiitake around the world, right from the comfort of his own kitchen. The reception for the former, and the exposure for the latter, has been fantastic.

But most importantly, I believe the information we covered in these shows is highly valuable, and can go a long way in helping you reach your physique goals.

I’ve been asked about attending a couple of fitness conferences this year. But I’ve learned that I’m just not really a conference guy, primarily because I’m lazy, love my daily routine, and hate traveling with a passion (unless to Hawaii). I’m also a shitty networker and slightly socially awkward (unless Bourbon is involved).

So if you’d like to hear my current take on fat loss topics, and the evolution of my physique transformation theories, these podcasts are da best way. Without further ado, here are the shows and set lists.

Radu’s Think-Eat-Lift Podcast From Romania

*Just a heads up — the intro section is in Romanian and sub-titled in English. But the actual video interview is in English because, you know, I don’t actually speak Romanian. But for all of my Romanian fans out there, I do speak the Universal language of love. No translation or sub-titles necessary ;)…

Video From: http://www.thinkeatlift.com

Topics Covered:

  • The importance of focusing on diet first for physique goals
  • Sample calorie and macronutrient calculations for a targeted fat loss plan
  • Why overdoing cardio during fat loss phases is inefficient
  • Good food choices and flexible diet structures for long-term sustainability/staying lean year-round
  • The reasons for my failures in the fitness model and adult entertainment industries (totally kidding on that last one…or am I?).

Ines’ InspiredFitStrong Podcast From Bulgaria

Video From: http://www.inspiredfitstrong.com

Some of the questions covered:

  • How a person interested in physique transformation can go against the traditional methods and achieve his or her best shape with 3 meals a day and no cardio?
  • How to achieve a lean body by eating carbs at night – is it possible and what are the reasons behind this?
  • Bodybuilding and intermittent fasting – are they compatible?
  • Women and intermittent fasting – what are the main problems and is IF appropriate for women?
  • How the quantity of carbs in the diet differs between a professional athlete and the average person?
  • Cheat meals, are they necessary?
  • What carb sources do you recommend and what do you think about fruits and grains?

The Encore/Hana Hou

Well, I can’t lie. The People in Romania and Bulgaria loved the shows, and were chanting for more, hahaha…But alas, Miyaki and his worn out and weary Shiitake had to return back home to his Island Queen, and keep cranking away on his new fitness book — The Truth About Weight Loss.

In order to appease The People and their requests for an encore performance, I have decided to release that next book for free. You can sign-up here if that suits your style, and sounds like something you are into.

May’s Free Book Release