A Philtered Soul: The One-Day, $1 Official Release Sale

I feel like that scene in Adam Sandler’s Billy Madison where he is so excited because “It’s nudie magazine day! It’s nudie magazine day!!”

Well, it’s not quite as awesome as that one special day a month in the pre-Internet Era, but it’s close. Today is the big day baby — The One-Day, $1 Release Sale of my new book A Philtered Soul: How Passion, Perseverance, and a Damn Good Cup of Coffee Can Change Your Life. The book is live right now. So head on over and check it out:

The Official Philtered Soul Page on Amazon

With Amazon’s preview tool, you can read the entire intro section for free by clicking on the cover. This goes into the full story behind why the book was written, what it’s all about, and how I think it can ultimately help you.

I hope you grab it, dig it, and it gives you some valuable strategies to use in your own career, craft, or chosen path. And if it does, I simply ask two small favors:

  1. Please take a moment to leave a quick review of the book on Amazon. Full transparency here – reviews help boost books up in Amazon’s search engines. Your review will help our book gain some exposure, and hopefully compete against some of the big guns in the industry that have major publishing houses backing them. Also, your review will help new customers make an informed decision. Obviously, my write-ups of the book are biased as hell.
  1. Please share the word on this one, whether on social media or through old school word-of-mouth. Philz really is an awesome place, the people are totally cool and authentic, and most importantly, I truly believe the story and strategies we share in this book can help a few people out in some of the most important areas of life.

Thanks for all of your support over the years. I promise to continue trying to make a difference with good articles, books, and content.

Until then, may good coffee always be with you!