The Philz Book Idea, Inception, Extraction, & Pre-Release Post

Man, I popped up so excited this Sunday morning, even though it was frickin’ 4:50am, and the event on my mind is still a few days away. The juices were pumping and unfortunately the wife is away for the weekend (yeah so honestly, it was probably a combination of a couple of things).

So sorry, I gotta share this with you now — the post, not the other pent up stuff. I have two hands and a damn good plan for that…

I guess you could call this the “Pre-Release” Post. OK, enough already. I’m way too preoccupied and need to get back on track…

2 years ago, an idea was planted into my head, just like in that Leonardo DiCaprio movie Inception. That idea proved to be impossible to kick.

Inception Idea Quote

This crazy mix of Bruce Lee, Musashi, and Beach Dude Philosophy that I’m into; these random Warrior, Wave Man, and Aloha Strategies that are constantly floating around in my head, have come to help me so much, and that have provided me so much guidance and value in my own life…What if someone wrote a book about a place and some people that just seem to embody all of that?

Despite whether it fit into my brand, or was a detour from what I’m supposed to be doing, or whatever, wouldn’t taking a shot at sharing a story like that be totally worth it, even it helped just a handful of people? I guess subconsciously, the answer was hell yeah man!

Over the next 2 years, that idea would grow and develop. I worked on it here and there, piece by piece, simply because my primary career and focus is in the physique game.

But over the last 8 months, that work intensified until the idea could no longer be contained. Like a virus, it just took over everything until finally, all else had to be put on hold, the idea had to be extracted, and then put into a full-blown book, in order for me to move on in peace.

I’m excited to see that original idea come to full fruition on Wednesday, with the release of my new book A Philtered Soul: How Passion, Perseverance, and a Damn Good Cup of Coffee Can Change Your Life. Hopefully, this is all not just a dream within a dream.

Yeah, we got the official cover and whatnot, but I think the following picture says it all. The combination of a great cup of coffee and sharing a little bit of life philosophy with the ones we love the most, isn’t that what the original coffee shops were all about? Regardless, that’s what this book is about.

Nate Miyaki & Philz Coffee

Mark your calendars for Wednesday April 22nd so you don’t miss out on the chance to grab the book for just $1 during it’s one-day release sale. I’ll shoot you a short reminder message on Wednesday as well, along with the link to the book on Amazon. Its not live yet, otherwise I’d give it to you right now…

And I promise to get back to the fat slashing & physique transformation strategies moving forward. I can now do so with the idea that fate planted into my head fully out of it, and into your hands.

See you Wednesday for The Full Release…Party that is!