A Preview of Nate’s New Book: A Philtered Soul

Anything you do for each other, you can’t go wrong. That’s what it’s all about. That’s how I see life. We all have different opinions. Spread the love. Don’t be shy. – Phil Jaber

Save the Book Release Date: Next Wednesday April 22nd, 2015.

I believe the best way to tell you about my next book — A Philtered Soul: How Passion, Perseverance, and a Damn Good Cup of Coffee Can Change Your Life — is just by being an open book, and sharing with you the simple truth. Researching and writing this book has been the most rewarding thing I’ve done in my career so far.


Now you might be saying to yourself, “Who cares Miyaki? How the hell does that help me you hippie bastard?” I totally agree.

So I must add that more importantly, I truly believe the story, the lessons, and the practical strategies we cover in this book can help you out regardless of your chosen career, craft, or path; and whatever your current athletic, artistic, business, or personal pursuits.

That’s the real reason why completing this project has been so rewarding. I sat back at the end of it and said to myself, “Man, the 6-pack shit is cool, and can help people look good and whatnot. But this book dives deeper into the stuff that really matters in life, and is really going to help a few people out.”

Am I being too optimistic with that goal? Maybe. But I believe it because that is exactly what it has done for me. That’s why I am so excited to share it.

And if you are suffering from vanity’s insanity, and all you really do care about in life is the fitness and physique stuff, I still believe the strategies in the book can help you become a better athlete. What champion athlete — from Tom Brady to Lebron James — doesn’t follow some combination of committing to their mission, perfecting their craft, and having faith in themselves?

Those are just a few of the chapters we cover in this book. Some lessons for success are Universal no matter what you do.


Simply let your career and daily activities be harmonious expressions of who you truly are. – The Warrior Within

It is one thing to tell you what my next book is all about. But words can only go so far. It is another thing to show you.

One of the original inspirations for the book came from a documentary film called Jiro Dreams of Sushi.

As you can see, the film was much more than just about making sushi. It was a story about a man who reached the highest levels of success in his field by following his passion, committing to his mission, and perfecting his craft. I can’t speak for the director, but I believe one of the main goals of the film was to motivate and inspire others to do the same in their own life.

After watching the film, I instantly thought of my favorite coffee shop, and another craftsman who has a similar story, with similar lessons to share.

Just as Jiro Dreams of Sushi, Phil dreams of coffee. And I knew in my gut that his story, and the story behind the rise of Philz Coffee from a cubbyhole coffee station in a corner store into the Bay Area’s premiere coffee brand, had to be told.

Jiro and Phil seem to follow a similar formula to fuel a passionate and productive life. It is an incredible honor that the people at Philz Coffee gave me a shot to share their story, strategies, and style with you.


Thus people say, “onlookers see more than players.” They say you must find your own faults through speculation. But the best way, of course, is to consult others. To listen to others talk and to read books is necessary in order to keep close to the learning of the previous generation. — Bushido

Yes, this book is about all of the details that make each customized cup of Philz coffee so awesome, and each shop such a unique place.

But beyond that, it is really about translating the lessons Philz has learned throughout their journey into practical strategies that people can apply in their own life.The book contains seven core chapters. These are the fundamental principles of the Philz Way:

  1. Follow Your Passion
  2. Perfect Your Craft
  3. Commit to Your Mission
  4. Persevere
  5. Be Authentic
  6. Have Faith
  7. Care For Your Community

Each chapter starts with an example of how Philz applied the strategy in their own journey. The chapter ends with a follow along “recipe” for you – practical steps you can take to cook up a combination that makes a difference in whatever you do.


When man comes to a conscious vital realization of those great spiritual forces within himself, and begins to use those forces in science, in business, and in life, his progress in the future will be unparalleled. – Bruce Lee

Like I said, my goals are optimistic with this book. Maybe I’m just a dreamer. But I sincerely hope the story and strategies behind the cup motivates you to find and follow your own passion, contribute something great to your community, and excel at whatever it is that you do. I hope it gives you some valuable tools to combine personal fulfillment with professional success, and to go out and write your own personal success story.


The book is releasing next week with a one-day sale on Wednesday April 22nd. So mark your calendars now. You’ll be able to grab the book for just a buck on that day. I hope you dig it, and that within it, you find a few nuggets of gold that help you along your Way.

Take care,