A Short Post About Some Website Updates

Simply let your career and daily activities be harmonious expressions of who you truly are. — The Warrior Within (John Little on Bruce Lee).

How’s it hanging my Shallow Hal’s, Gorgeous Gals, and Fitness Pals? I just wanted to drop a short post on you to let you know we’ve made a few updates to the blog, website, or whatever else you crazy kids are calling this multimedia “make ourselves feel more important than we actually are” bullshit these days.  Oops, did I just write that on screen and hit update without editing?

As da coach sometimes says, "Don't Press Send!"
As da coach sometimes says, “Don’t Press Send!”

But seriously, I’ve always considered myself an athlete, independent researcher, and lifelong student sharing what he has learned, and has helped him along the way vs. a fitness god trying to create a gospel, dogmatic creed to cling to, or a cult following. I’m reading a book on the ridiculousness of religious fundamentalists. Dude, the fitness industry is 15x worse.

But that really ain’t my style baby. What that means is that as we learn, evolve, grow, and get better every day, the site needs to do the same, else it will drift into artificiality or misrepresentation. So we made some updates in order for it to more accurately represent who we are, what we’re digging into, and how we think we can best help you.

Maybe the biggest thing I’ve re-learned over the last few years is something I already knew — the path to happiness runs through authenticity and honest expression.  The only way you got a shot at finding some peace of mind in the chaos that is modern life is to be yourself, stick to what you’re into, follow your gut, and say what you believe.  That’s hard to do in the age of trying to please everyone (including your own ego) with perfect, know-it-all, PR-approved social media images. But it must be done.

So some of the stuff you might be into, some you might not. Some of the stuff might not be what you want to hear (in order to get anywhere you have to take some personal accountability; you have to take action in the real world more than pontificate online to reach your goals; we are all perverts, some of us just don’t lie about it), but probably need to hear. If you are annoyed or offended, hopefully you eventually calm down and realize it is there with the best of intentions — to ultimately help you. Take and use what’s useful in your life at this moment in time.  Ignore the rest. And if you disagree with it all, hopefully we can go our separate ways still remaining as friends.

For accuracy and efficiency, I’m just going to share some tidbits from the updated sections. You can check out the rest if the intro interests you. That means its damn true — I’m basically going to be quoting myself.  Its like when you speak at a conference and they tell you to write a glorious bio about everything you’ve done and how awesome you are, and then the host reads it as if you were not actually just pumping yourself up and intro’ing yourself.

Wait, that didn’t make sense.  I couldn’t get the grammar right. Lets use another analogy.  Its like the Rock talking in the 3rd person. Or its like when Austin Powers once said, “Allow myself to introduce…myself…”



There is certainly a lot of overlap with programs geared towards other fitness goals – getting Donkey Kong strong, running as fast as Usain Bolt or as far as Forest Gump, improving your numbers and times in physical challenges, becoming your local boot camp champion, seeing how many pull-ups you can do while simultaneously winning the Air-Sex World Championships (this really exists), etc. But never forget our primary focus here is on physique enhancement. We want you to look Ron Burgundy or Veronica Corningstone-style good, and be confident enough to Free Little Willy or Unleash Thelma & Louise at Da Beach.

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Maybe I’m just a hippie making it out to be more than it really is, but committing to some type of athletic lifestyle has provided me with a solid foundation in this chaos called life, and my journey in particular, which of course has been full of ups and downs, successes and failures, achievements and disappointments. I have always been able to find comfort, peace, escape, value, and a sense of purpose in the gym, regardless of whatever else was going on around me.

More importantly, the lessons learned in the gym (the strength trainer’s version of a dojo) — discipline, delayed gratification, sacrifice, commitment to a craft, and perseverance — have helped me in all other areas of my life. At the very least, it taught me how to put my energy (both positive and negative) into something constructive rather than destructive. I believe it can provide you with some of the same benefits.

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Maverick Definition: An unorthodox or independent-minded person. An independent individual who does not go along with a group or party. An individualist, non-conformist, free spirit, loose cannon, loner, lone-wolf.

Does that sound like a dude who wants to create a cult or culture of co-dependency, who wants to project himself as a guru, an all-knowing authority on anything, or who wants you to blindly follow him rather than believing in yourself? I think not my friend.

I know that’s the trend in the “health and fitness”, “wellness”, and “life coaching” industries, but it ain’t our style. While we all need help, external motivation, and good resources from time-to-time, no one can be your savior except yourself. I’d rather do what I can to give you the knowledge and confidence to follow your own path. My goal with this site is to share some strategies and tools that ultimately help you find your own sustainable style vs. getting you to pledge allegiance to anyone, including me. Do you want to be a hawk that can hunt on its own or a baby bird waiting to get fed?

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*I linked to a post within the above Coaching Style & Mission page. This is really for those who email me that they are pissed off that I don’t offer online coaching.  Dude, its not that I don’t want to help, its just that I believe there are better ways that I can.

And what do I believe? Books are the best teachers baby. Here is a long-ass blog post, perhaps the best thing I’ve ever written, as to why I believe that:



Some of the following is total image projection nonsense, but it helps bring me some “street cred” within the fitness scene, and opens up different kinds of opportunities. But there is also a ton of useful information in the articles, interviews, and podcasts.  I live my life like an open book, shoot from the hip, answer questions honestly, and never hold back information when I know it can help.

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And with that, I just dropped a dumbbell on the floor = the fitness version of a mic drop!