An Apology About a Humorous Misunderstanding: I Said Hobo, not Homo, Hahaha

I already apologized for this misunderstanding privately, and we’re square, but it was an important enough issue to me that I wanted to do it publicly as well, just in case anyone else might have heard or interpreted what I said in the wrong way.

Dude, I’ve lived in San Francisco since ‘97, one of my brothers is gay, and half of my friends are gay. So I’m the last guy who would ever use the term homo with derogatory intentions, or to portray someone, something, or certain lifestyle characteristics in a negative light. I just ain’t down with that.

The word hobo, on the other hand? Well, I probably shouldn’t have used that term to make fun of myself either. But I guess I thought that if you actually are one (and I am), you have a little bit more leeway with the word, even in a public forum. Who knows though man? I’m not the most PC guy around.

Anyways, I recently received the following email about my latest podcast appearance. Keep in mind I actually said hobo, not homo:

Hello Nate, as a Facebook follower and intermittent feast customer, I was stoked to listen to your interview on the Move Smart podcast.  It was a good interview until around minute 26.5 when you say in response to comments about your gym attire “what are you fucking saying, I’m a homo or what”…

It was disappointing to hear that type of language in the interview…it made me wonder, gee -maybe I shouldn’t be taking advice from someone who appears to be nonchalantly vilifying ‘homo’s’ … (Yes I am a gay man, not that that should matter) … I always think the best of people and want to chalk this up to bro-talk … But wanted to let you know (in email versus publicly posting this) that you do have gay (probably straight too) listeners like me who were taken aback by the short comment.

Thanks for listening, and keep up the good work.

What a classy dude. Even when he thought I insulted him, he was cool about it.

Anyway, as you can see, this was just a total misunderstanding. Quite funny on the surface, but with a serious enough of an undertone to fully clarify what actually happened.

The host Sean was talking about how he always sees me around the gym in my raggedy work out clothes. We were just taking a break from the fitness action and joking around about how I kind of have a surfer dude/hippie mentality. And I said, “what are you fucking saying, I’m a hobo or what?”

See what happened? I just wanted to clear the air.

More selfishly, I don’t want my future political aspirations to be ruined by this misunderstanding. When I’m done with the fitness and writing thing, my plan is to run for mayor of San Francisco on the following gay-straight public relations platform:

Some of us prefer juicy melons. Some of us prefer long bananas.  That’s just the way it is. But we can all still shop in the same stores together and be friends.

I may just be too much of a “lets all be happy hippie” when it comes to social issues, but I’ve always thought that the people who care that much about who someone else is “doing” (as long as legal and consensual), well, 99% of the time its just because they ain’t getting any good action themselves. Do you really care that much about anything after really good sex?

All joking aside, like I said, one of my brothers is gay.  We grew up in a different time and place, were raised under religious creeds and dogma and so forth. Being an openly gay man just wasn’t quite as socially accepted as it is now. I can’t imagine how hard that must have been for him, and maybe what that did to his psychological development, confidence, and sense of self-worth during his formative years in life.

Shit from our childhood sticks with us, whether consciously or subconsciously. Of that I am sure.

Unfortunately, that’s one of the reasons why I think he turned to drugs as a coping mechanism, and is still battling that demon to this day.

So now you understand why I just can’t stand for being associated with that kind of bigotry or hate, even if it is by way of being misheard or misunderstood. I talk/write authentically and without much of a filter, and I joke around a lot because that’s my nature, so if I’ve ever said anything on the fly that offended you, or made you feel bad about yourself, I apologize.  That is never the intent with any of my content. It’s always to:

1. Educate.

2. Share strategies (mostly fitness, but some philosophy) that have helped me, and I believe will help you.

3. Share a laugh or two along the way. Sometimes I may take this one too far. I apologize again up front.

If there is ever any doubt of where we stand, here’s part of the intro section to our blog:


I am half Japanese and half Irish, grew up in a town full of surfers and rednecks, went to a college filled with geniuses and hippies, and live in one of the biggest “melting pot” cities in the world. I have no business being prejudice against anyone.

Kalai is even more of an ethnic mutt than me, and grew up in a culture that treats everyone who visits their shores from across the world like family.

So we don’t care who you are, where you’re from, who you pray to, where in the world you’re hanging, who you’re banging (as long as legal and consensual), etc.

If you’re down with fitness, physique, warrior strategy, or Da Beach mentality, then we’re down with you.


I was originally going to post about the contents of the podcast, but I needed to get that off my chest first. Hopefully, we are cool. And hopefully it doesn’t overshadow the awesomeness of the interview.

Move Smart Podcast

The actual show covered a ton of valuable stuff.  Here is some of what we talked about:

  • Intermittent feasting vs intermittent fasting
  • Aligning meal timing with biological rhythms
  • Why meal timing is completely flexible for most people
  • Mixing science and experience for optimal food choices
  • Finding an eating pattern that works for you
  • Why eating your biggest meal at the end of the day may be a smart choice
  • Nutrition fundamentals (that never change)
  • When and why you should eat quality carbs
  • The power of macronutrients in getting lean
  • Avoiding “overcomplication syndrome” and hacking away the unessential
  • Why Nate eats Paleo + Starches
  • How to approach supplementation

If you’d like to check it out, da show is available here: