7 Reasons You are Failing with Your Fat Loss & Physique Goals

Summer breeze, flowing like the wind
Boy you need to know that you got a friend
And I’ll always be here — DJ Quick

That’s true.  I’ll always be here. But I can’t frickin’ coach you man (girl, man-girl, or girly man).  My client list is too full and my patience is getting too thin, hahaha.

Nonetheless, I do want to help you.  For the time to hit the beach and Free Little Willy, or Unleash Thelma & Louise, shall soon be upon us.  And I want you to be well prepared.  I’d feel bad if I knowingly let my friends keep spinning their wheels within the fitness industry bullshit, get nowhere with their physique goals, and did nothing about it.

That’s why we put The Beach Physique Guide together.  Its everything I would give you if you were working with me as a private client — from the fat loss nutrition plan to the physique-focused training programs to the research and educational resources I recommend.  Seriously.  I’ve asked 3 people this week why they would want to pay me to tell them what I already wrote in a book, or covered in the multimedia e-course.  I’m cool, but I ain’t that cool.  And unfortunately, I have a conscience.

In that spirit, instead of some flashy marketing, I figured I’d just post up an excerpt from Da Guide so you can decide whether it sounds like something you are into or not.  The first section ended up basically being a summary of the 7 most common mistakes, or reasons I’ve seen people fail with their fat loss and physique goals.  I know them well, because I’ve made many of them myself at one point in my career (except following the mystical holistical guy — I could never really get down with that higher-than-thou style).


Most people save bonuses for last, but I’m going to break the rules and give you one first.  Why?  Even if you build the best bikini or board-short body possible with our diet and training programs, it will mean nothing if you get this step wrong.  I don’t know a lot of things in life, but I do know this — you gotta have the right sizzling summer breath, or your glorious physique will be a complete waste.

This tip is not my own.  Its from the legendary Ron Burgundy, so you know its good. Here’s a quote from his book “Let Me Off at The Top”:

I don’t leave the house without the Executive because it’s just a no-nonsense heavy breath that when gently whispered into any woman’s face will drive her nuts.  Sardines and an old cigar.  Yep, it’s that simple.  I keep a tin of sardines and a half a stale cigar in my inside vest pocket at all times.  The cigar provides the weight and the sardines provide the spice. It’s like a gentle breeze blowing over a garbage truck, just enough to say, “I”m here and you are in for a heck of a night.”

Ron Burgundy Book

To be honest, if you get this breath right, your physique doesn’t even matter.  But I still think you should build a good one anyway, just for personal pride.  So…


*This is an excerpt from The Beach Physique Guide

Step #1: Make Sure Your Program Matches Your Beach Physique Goal!

Girls, have you ever had that body that begs to be in a bikini 24/7? Firm yet feminine, sexy and sleek, jiggle-free up top, cheese-free down bottom, shapely without a sag in site – the head-turning body of a goddess.

Guys, have you ever achieved that classic physique you were after? Muscular arms and chest, broad shoulders and back tapering down to a small waist with a shredded 12-pack (6-packs are for pussies, you want a 12-pack complete with obliques), powerful legs — the definition of definition.

And if you have, did you get there in a healthy, practical, and sustainable way that you were able to maintain as a year-round lifestyle plan? Or did you use some extreme, quick-fix approach that you just yo-yo’d from after you got your Facebook or e-dating site profile photo?

Male physique enhancement, female bikini-body sculpting, and the pursuit of Ron Burgundy or Veronica Corningstone-like physical perfection is a dying sport, art form, hobby, or whatever else you want to call it.

Perhaps it has to do with a negative association with the many in the industry who go about it the wrong way, and give it a bad name. You know what I’m talking about:

  • Extreme, drugged up bodybuilding where chicks end up looking like dudes, dudes end up looking like pregnant gorillas, and emotional, psychological, and physiological side effects are swept under the rug in order to sell supplements and magazines, or live by lame ass website or gym slogans.
  • The male models and fitness divas that have no life outside of the gym, do 25 hours of cardio a day 8 days a week, eat no carbs for months at a time, destroy their metabolism and natural hormone production to get in shape, and somehow think that is normal.
  • The actor, actress, model, or stripper that starves him or herself thin, lives on fat burners and cocaine, ultimately rebounds and yo-yo’s, and develops eating disorders and lifelong weight issues along the way.

Disasters and extremes get the most media attention I guess, but we need to differentiate what we’re trying to do from all of the above. Building a classic physique or a bikini body in a healthy way is nothing like the above scenarios, although it often gets lumped into the same category.

What I’m talking about is an informed plan based both on scientific principles AND real world, practical experience that allows you to strip away body fat, banish man boobs and muffin tops to the Underworld, build and chisel a rock hard physique, or sculpt and tighten up a sexy one — all without compromising your health or sacrificing your life, family, career, sanity, or social life. Does that sound good to you or am I frickin’ crazy?


Many people — including trainers — have been brainwashed into believing a year-round beach physique is not possible, practical, or healthy. This is unfortunate because the backlash is that the majority of people who step foot inside of a commercial gym, personal training studio, or read fitness websites these days are being steered away into fitness programs that don’t match their true goal.

mandlebaum training seinfeld

In the modern fitness era of gadgets and training trends, anyone who trains solely for cosmetic reasons — with real foods and free weights — is considered archaic, uninformed, or un-scientific, and belongs back in the 70’s. To be cool and “cutting edge”, you must now train solely for strength, core stability, functional purpose, or to get better at performance-based drills, complete with cabinets full of miracle pills and magic potions.

If that’s what someone wants to do, that’s great. There is nothing wrong with that. But is that really YOUR true goal? I don’t care what is popular or where the fitness industry is going. I only want to know what YOU want to achieve from your fitness efforts. And I want to help you get there in the most efficient way possible.

I still believe there are people out there who just want to build a beach-ready body in a natural way, look good year-round, and don’t really care if they can run 26 miles under a certain time, crawl under ropes in the mud, perform a certain number of seizure-like pull-ups, or become a legendary boot camp champion.

Do you want to have to PROVE to people you work out by performing a bunch of exercises or physical tasks? Or do you want to be able to just take your shirt off, pants off, or walk around naked and simply SHOW them that you do.


If most people could get over the vanity of it all and just be honest with themselves, I would bet my life’s savings that 80% of the people that start up a fitness program are primarily training to attain some kind of a beach physique. But maybe you personally don’t think it is possible because you’ve tried and failed in the past. Or maybe you had a few things going right, and even achieved decent results, but were never able to tie everything together and take it all the way, or sustain it if you did get there.

I can think of an infinite number of reasons why that may have been the case. Here is a(n overflowing) handful:

1. You thought you could out-train a poor diet.

Many people can PERFORM well on a crappy diet — improve their lifts and drill times, do well in a competitive sport, etc. But few people can LOOK great on one. For every one genetically gifted or drug enhanced athlete that can get away with a crappy diet and stand poolside with pride, there are ten that can’t.

2. You thought you could run or “cardio” your way to fat loss.

Did Forest Gump look ripped to you? You were probably over-producing cortisol and in a chronic catabolic state, burning through too much muscle, were losing weight but still ended up soft, flabby, and unimpressive. A beach physique is just as much about building shapely and toned muscle as it is about trying to burn through calories.

3. You were following “accepted” nutritional standards that are highly influenced by the gazillion dollar refined foods industry.

Many of our self-proclaimed health foods are not that great for fat loss, can cause food allergy symptoms — GI distress, bloating, water retention, belly fat — and make it almost impossible to get ripped. You thought you were “eating healthy”, but didn’t end up looking so.

4. You achieved great success in a performance-based sport, but were not able to duplicate it in the physique realm because the rules are different.

Take it from someone who has trained for both — training for performance is different than training for appearance. Cardiovascular and neural overload are different than muscular overload. Muscular endurance is different than muscular hypertrophy and development. Maybe you were training hard but your physique was not improving (or was even getting worse). The ability to complete tasks and drills for the sake of it is much different than using your exercise program specifically as a tool to chisel and shape your body.

5. You were trapped in following dietary dogma and ended up with a mismatched program.

Maybe you were combining no carbs with high volume and/or high intensity anaerobic training. You lost muscle and looked skinny-fat, or suffered side effects like no energy, poor cognitive function, low testosterone and sex drive, and impaired thyroid production. Maybe your diet was allowing you to nicely fit in with the crowd or a cult, but was failing to produce the results you desired.

6. You were following the mystical holistic guy that for some reason (probably because he’s never been in shape a day in his life) thinks being healthy necessitates looking like a Goblin.

You falsely believed that anyone who has an impressive physique is just on drugs, an extreme protocol, or is compromising their health. Maybe you were taking a bunch of “detox” pills and potions, random herbs from the jungle, trying to meditate your way to fat loss, and wondered why you could conquer gravity and levitate in the air, but could not conquer physiology and shed flab?

7. You did actually get into great shape for that one weekend 4 years ago, but were completely miserable or couldn’t sustain it for the long-term.

The methods were too extreme — training 6 days a week for two hours, sometimes twice a day, starvation level calories, no carbs, giving up your career and social life, etc. Maybe you decided a ripped physique just wasn’t worth all of that.

I know I’m talking a lot of crap right now…First off, it is all in good fun, so lighten up. Second, and more importantly, the ulterior motive is not to be a dick. It’s just to objectively point out some of the potential stumbling blocks you may have hit, or wrong turns you may have made in the past, teach you there is a more targeted way, convince you that having that body you envision for yourself IS possible, and ultimately help YOU reach YOUR goals.

I’ve been in the game for a long time and have seen it all. I want to help you avoid some of the same mistakes my wife, my friends, my colleagues, my clients, and I have made.

It’s taken me 15 years of studying, researching, applying, testing, failing, refining, and trial and error as an athlete and coach to reach an approach that I am 100% confident in recommending. Not just a plan that looks good on a paper. But a plan that works in the real world. Hopefully, I can shorten your learning curve.


The key is tying all of the right pieces together into a targeted and focused plan that is aligned with your goals. The summary: We’re going to use a solid diet to strip off body fat, strength train to maintain lean muscle and shape the body, and walk for some extra fat burn and stress relief without the metabolic & hormonal drawbacks of over-doing traditional cardio.

Sound simple enough? That’s because it is. Over-complication and complexity dominates the industry for two reasons:

(1) Many people want to plan, read, research, analyze, and theorize more than actually do, and

(2) Many people want to sell you a bunch of bullsh*t you don’t really need.

We’re going to put you in a calorie deficit so you are burning off body fat, yet include enough protein to support lean muscle mass, carbs to fuel anaerobic training, and fats to support natural hormone production.

We’re going to set you up on a diet structure that is based off our natural instincts and social patterns. You won’t have to eat 6 small meals, every 2.5 hours, carry a bunch of tupperware around with you, never be able to eat out, and have to starve yourself at night to get ripped.

We’re going to set your training program up so that you are building lean muscle and shaping the body, not just getting better at performing a bunch of drills, or indiscriminately losing weight and ending up lighter but flabby and skinny-fat.

Is my approach the only way? Absolutely not. But I believe it is effective, efficient, practical, and sustainable as a lifestyle plan.

So, are you ready to dive into the details and give it a shot? Awesome. Lets get this thing rolling.


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