Beach Body Transformation Overview: An Efficient 4-Step Process to Looking Good Naked

Nate, babe, why don’t you recommend running for weight loss?  Because for physique-based goals like losing fat and looking awesome, it pales in comparison to the good diet + strength training combo.

Do I need to jump around like a cheerleader on an energy drink bender 6-days a week, for 90 days, to transform my body?  Do I need to train twice a day, two hours at a time, like the gym ratz and bunnies do to look good naked?  Well you can, but I don’t believe its necessary.  And I know you have a busy life and career outside of the gym, so let me throw a question back your way.  Don’t you want a more time-efficient route to a rocking bod?

Nate, young sir, why don’t you wear testicle-revealing short-shorts, yell and scream in my ear, and make me do a bunch of those cool-looking boot camp drills that are so trendy in the gyms, and look so cutting edge in infomercials? (1) I have tiny nuts, so you probably wouldn’t see those pistachios hanging no matter how short da shorts.  So I might as well wear something a little more comfortable (2) For physique, traditional strength training is not only more effective, but I find it to be more enjoyable for most.  I don’t know, people seem to like “feeling pumped up” more than “feeling like puking”.  Cardiovascular and neural overload is different than muscular overload, building a nice ass is a lot different process than having your ass kicked, etc.

So then what do you do to stay lean year-round? I eat a rock solid diet 6.5 days a week (which takes no extra time than eating a shitty diet.  And with good choices it can be done at home, out at a restaurant, or on the road), have a cheat night on Saturdays when I’m hanging with my family and friends — a time when no sane person should be worrying about a fitness diet, strength train 3-4 days a week for 30-45 minutes, and walk the Earth like a Vagabond when I have extra time (ie for an errand).  That’s it. It probably won’t win the World’s Most Innovative, Complex, or Cutting Edge Fitness Plan award (half the time I think trainers just make shit up because they are bored), but it is one hell of an effective plan in my humble opinion.

So I filmed a little video for you to explain more of the what, why, and how of my overall fitness approach:


1. Use Diet For 80% of Your Fat Loss. Don’t Try to Out-Train a Poor Diet.

2. Increase Your Non-Formal Activity Levels For the Final 20%.  Example: Walk More as Part of Your Day.

3. Do Some Mobility Drills, Stretching, Yoga, etc. to Offset the Seated Computer Posture and Improve Alignment/Posture.

4. Strength Train to Build Lean Muscle Mass and Shape, Tighten, and Tone the Body.