Cancer Warrior Update

I apologize for leaving you hanging after my last post.  We were all set to release The Way of the Cancer Warrior book that I had been working on through my dad’s fight.  But unfortunately, we realized there may be some copyright issues with the motivational quotes we used to start each section.  We’re working hard behind the scenes to resolve the issue, and hopefully we can get the book out soon without too much further delay.

Of course we could just remove the quotes and roll with the strategies alone.  But I believe the book would then lose a lot of its luster because:

  • Who the hell am I to be giving you advice about fighting cancer, or life advice in general?  I’m a 34 year old kid with a 16 year old’s mind that can’t help himself when an opportunity for a sex or poop joke arises.  Trust me, you will soon forget what a nobody like Nate Miyaki says.  But the words of real legends hold way more weight. Long after the book is shut and the pages are frayed, the Way of true warriors will remain with you forever.  You will have solid strategies to face any and all obstacles.
  • Its the only way to properly honor the legends from which the strategies were born.  With the internet era, there are enough scumbags out there stealing other people’s work and passing it off as their own.  I do not wish to pretend I’m some kind of a guru, created anything new, or am more wise than any of you.  I only hope to share what has helped me, and some of those around me.
  • On that note, these warrior strategies and wise words have helped me so much in my life man.  I truly believe they will help others with the fight against cancer, and with the challenges of life in general.  With my studies of them, along with my writing/coaching experience, I only sought out to interpret them, and help you practically apply them to your individual situation.  Nothing I write could ever replace the original words and teachers.
  • I hope that by including the quotes, it may inspire you to read the works from which they came.  You may gain even more insight and useful strategies from your own interpretation of them.

Miyamoto Musashi images

With such an important topic being addressed, I only want to give you the best possible resource I can.  So if that means delaying the release, fighting a little harder, slowing things down and doing them better, etc., that’s what must be done.  I hope you’re cool with that.

Instead of writing any more about it, let me just show you what I mean.  One of the strategies is to “Use All of Your Weapons”.

Now I can tell you how you must use your diet, exercise routine, daily habits, motivational strategies, the support of friends and family, educational resources,  consistent effort, discipline, determination, confidence etc. to conquer your enemy (whether it be cancer or some other enemy you are currently battling, or even some fitness goal you are trying to accomplish).

But how can you replace the following legendary words?  It just wouldn’t be the same.  It wouldn’t be as powerful.  It wouldn’t be as profound.  It would lose much of its depth.

It does not look at combat from a certain angle but from all possible angles, and although JKD utilizes all ways and means to serve its end (after all, efficiency is anything that scores), it is bound by none and is, therefore, free from all ways and means. – Bruce Lee

When you put your life on the line, you want all your weapons to be of use.  Your real intent should not be to die with weapons uselessly worn at your waist…The Way of this style is the mind that obtains the victory with anything at all. – Miyamoto Musashi

 This is because they do not appreciate the principle of cutting the enemy by any means. – Miyamoto Musashi

 In his lessons to his disciples, Musashi used the analogy of a carpenter.  He said the samurai should think like a carpenter — in the sense of the tools a carpenter uses, how he maintains the tools, how he trains with the tools, how he plans each project, how he accounts for location and environment and all the other factors that may influence the finished product.  He noted that a master carpenter must thoroughly understand the nature of the tools he uses, the materials that are the best suited for the purpose, the size and the shape of the things he builds, how they are to be used, and so on.  Musashi’s point was that learning how to fight and win was not a simple task with only a few elements, but incorporated a whole world of factors and possibilities that took years to master. — Samurai Strategies.

So like I said, hopefully its any easy issue to resolve, we can get the proper permission, and then we can get this thing rolling.  I’ll keep you updated. In the meantime, I hope the above words somehow help you…