7 Steps to a Flexible Diet: Miyaki on T-Nation

My latest T-Nation Article — a multimedia extravaganza about flexible dieting  — was published last week. What did we cover?  The 7-step process I use to setting up flexible, year-round, lifestyle nutrition plans (as opposed to quick-fix diets) that can be adjusted based on activity levels, physique goals, feedback, progress, and shifts in physique focus:

  1. Set Calories
  2. Set Protein Intake
  3. Set Baseline Fats
  4. Account for Micronutrients
  5. Distinguish Between Essential Nutrients and Energy Nutrients
  6. Energy Nutrients for Fat Bastards
  7. Energy Nutrients for Skinny Bitches

Here’s the video component of it:

Here’s the intro section.  As always on T-Nation, they let me be me. So the following article has been Rated-R by the Fitness Blogging Association of America.


Spring is a time of dietary dilemma.

Defrosting from winter’s hibernation, the groundhog steps out to see if he can see his shadow.

What’s the physique equivalent? Can you look down and see your wiener beneath your bulk belly?

Should you continue with the winter’s “mass” plan – pack in the calories, pack on the mass, scare women and children, go for new PR’s, and get your rocks off from locker room high-fives?

Or should you hit a deficit, slash some flab, get skinny (I mean shredded), maybe improve your health profile, join a boy band, rock a Borat-like dong thong, and try to get laid?

There’s no right answer. You can borrow Harvey Two Face’s coin, flick that SOB into the air, and let chance be your guide for all I care.

To that end, here are 7 simple tools you can use to seamlessly take your plan in whatever direction your fickle heart desires, but first, a few words from our sponsor (okay, not really from our sponsor, but nevertheless a few important points before I get into the 7 steps).

Read the full article here:  7 STEPS TO A FLEXIBLE DIET: MIYAKI ON T-NATION

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