Top Trainer Billy Polson’s Fat Loss Diet

In this interview, I talk with my friend and colleague Billy Polson.  He talks about the specifics of the diet plan he’s been using to lose fat, build muscle, and improve energy all while keeping up with the demands of owning, operating, and training  private clients at San Francisco’s top personal training facility, Diakadi Body.

7 thoughts on “Top Trainer Billy Polson’s Fat Loss Diet

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  2. Kaine Smith

    Sup Nate!

    First off, thanks for keeping it real and telling it how it is. I’ve read Intermittent Feast and The Samurai Diet and lovin’ the results of this kick ass plan. I’m on the Japanese Village style fast/feast and my energy, endurance and strength is at an all time high.

    Anyway man, really just wrote to say THANKS, this has been a game changer for me.

  3. Yvette Rica Dean Aquino

    Videos like these are very helpful for people like who are just depending on internet for some tips to lose weight and maintain a healthy body. You are most definitely right about avoiding processed food (though it’s definitely hard). I must say that diet must come with discipline otherwise you won’t be successful in your goal. I’ve also checked out this video that I’m sharing for those of you who wants more tips Keep on posting Nate. I’m looking forward to learning more from you.

  4. natemiyaki

    Thanks Hele. Yes, I think that approach can work well, its more along the lines of what Ori Hofmekler recommends in the Warrior Diet = light, raw snacks during the day and then 1 main meal. Personally, I think once you account for food choices, calories, and macros, you can break up your diet any way you see fit to be the most functional and practical. I lean more towards this hunt/feast structure simply because I think its the easiest (and most enjoyable) plan to follow. New research is even coming out pointing towards it being optimal for body composition. I say try it out, just make sure you eat enough protein, calories, and energy nutrients so you are not in too much of a deficit.

  5. Hele Mai

    Hey Nate I really Love your diet..I was wondering is it ok to eat 1 meal a day like have a banana or some fruits during the day then my big one meal at night that you prescribe?