Intermittent Feast Da Book — Round 1

Hey my brothers and sisters, wanted to let you know I completed my new book Intermittent Feast:  An Evolutionary & Scientific Approach to Weight Loss.  I went Gung-Fu style on this one — hacked away the unessential to unveil a straightforward, streamlined approach to my nutritional philosophy.  We uploaded a Kindle version to Amazon and its available now.

But I also wanted to tell you about my overall plan, so there are no surprises.  Ultimately, the book will be available in a couple of different formats:

1. This Kindle Version

2. An Expanded Edition available as a PDF/Downloadable e-book.  This is going to have some additional content/bonus materials.

From the emails I’ve received, I understand y’all have different preferences for formats, sizes, and prices.  And since I am “The People’s Nutrition Educator”, I had no choice but to listen to Da People.

So if you prefer reading books on your Kindle or I-pad, this first option is ready to roll:

Intermittent Feast Kindle Edition

17 thoughts on “Intermittent Feast Da Book — Round 1

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  2. natemiyaki

    Cool man, glad you liked it. Yeah, I’ll never go back. This is by the far the easiest way I’ve ever gotten into and stayed in shape. I was telling the owner of my training studio the other day, “dude, its not even really a challenge to be in shape any more. I need to find something else to obsess over”, hahahahahaha

  3. natemiyaki

    cool man. The expanded version is going to have video lectures/whiteboards, so different way of learning. Just figuring out how to get that all uploaded. But listen man, regardless, thanks for the support.

  4. natemiyaki

    I would say 80% of my nutritional philosophy is Paleo-based, with the re-integration of starch foods for anaerobic athletes (for which I use the Japanese Village template). But yes, the Fat Loss Consultant goes into those food choices and templates, science behind it, and some strategy (like how to eat out on the different plans, etc.). I’ll be honest, if you just want to know what to do and some of the science of why, grab the Intermittent Feast book on kindle (it’s 9.99 vs. 47). If you like that one and feel you need more real world strategy, than you can grab the Fat Loss Consultant. If you hate my guts and think the approach sucks, you’ve spent less money (but Clickbank does have that refund policy, so I guess it doesn’t really matter)

  5. Carl


    I loved the book and read it in all in one sitting (it was that good!). Really liked the fact you have streamlined the advice and structure from earlier work (I also have Samurai Strategies) and that the advice is both doable, sustainable and healthy.

    I’ve been living the skipping breakfast and two meal a day approach for over a year now and can’t imagine ever going back to 5-6 meals a day.

    Keep up the great, no nonsense work!

  6. rutnbuck

    Fair, and thanks for speaking the truth. I still may pick up a copy when the downloadable PDF version comes out. I would consider myself more inline with the hardcore fitness crowd, and I would be interested to see the different diet plans and templates. I think it also helps sometimes to see or read something presented in a different way. Plus I always enjoy reading your work, and you are living proof that your principles work. Keep speaking da truth!

  7. natemiyaki

    Hey brother, similar content presented in a different way and streamlined. A few more diet plans and templates geared towards the more hardcore fitness crowd (muscle gain and recompositioning templates). But to be honest, you should be able to get results with The Fat Loss Consultant without purchasing the new one. Just don’t tell anyone that. Actually, I just wrote it. Ah whatever man, got to speak da truth. Here’s the deal, if you have any questions just shoot me an email directly through the contact page. Fair enough?

  8. rutnbuck

    Nate, I was wondering how this compares to your Fat Loss Consultant ebook, which I bought awhile back. If I have already read Fat Loss Consultant will I get much out of this new book? Just wondering if there is some new information in this book or is it which much the same basic principles you have been teaching for awhile.

  9. natemiyaki

    I am filming some video tutorials as bonus material for the PDF downloadable version. Thinking maybe 1-2 weeks.

  10. natemiyaki

    Unfortunately my credentials only allow me to give general information, not anything geared towards specific medical conditions (its total bullsh*t, but its da rules).

  11. natemiyaki

    Thanks Laura, yes I include both the old school paper citations and new-school web links to research in all of my book projects.

  12. natemiyaki

    Cool man. This book is just the nutrition stuff. There are a variety of splits and training protocols that I use based on the goal. Right now, for pure cosmetic goals, I’m doing a 4-day split: Shoulders/Arms, Chest & Back I, Legs, Chest & Back II. My updated peri-workout recommendations are in Da Book. Cool?

  13. mothraja

    Hey Nate, love all of the feasting stuff–will pick this up. Does this cover your approach to training as well? Are you still advocating a 1x per week bodypart split sort of deal? And peri workout stuff even if you train first thing in the morning? Thanks!

  14. Laura Babbitt

    Nate, I love how your I-Feast page links out to the research that supports your positions. With all the misinformation there is about nutrition, access to primary sources is critical for consumers to suss out the truth, and I salute you for providing it for your readers. Will either of the electronic versions of your book provide similar easy access to the research that informs your philosophy? Thanks, and congrats on your new book.

  15. cholitau

    Awesome! I’m very interested in trying IF, i actually feel great skipping breakfast, but i’m under a lot of stress now and form what i’ve read i need to be in good health, and not stressed, and getting good sleep to try IF, so i’m working on getting that resolved. Do you include info on health requirements to be able to adapt the IF lifestyle?

  16. Daniel

    Hi Nate

    When will the non-kindle (ebook version be out)?