Nate’s TV Interview on High 5 Fitness

I just did an interview on the local fitness show High 5 Fitness.  Amazingly, I managed to not swear at all (bull crap is not really considered a curse word right?)!  We covered a lot of topics related to my nutritional approach:

1. Why you can’t out-train a poor diet, and why all of your exercise should be geared towards building/maintaining muscle, NOT burning fat (if your goals are purely cosmetic).
2. Why the Paleo/Caveman diet is a great educational tool/eating template for sedentary populations, but also why the athlete should add back in a select few starches to support anaerobic training.
3. The science, psychology, evolutionary history, and practical application of the Intermittent Feast eating structure.
4. Simple calorie recommendations based on different goals:  slashing fat, body recompositioning, gaining muscle mass.

5. Why the hard training athlete eating a no carb diet is just as much of a mismatch as the sedentary person eating a high carb diet.

Plus a few viewer q and a’s.  Check it out:

4 thoughts on “Nate’s TV Interview on High 5 Fitness

  1. natemiyaki

    Hey Laura, I don’t have any off hand but I included a ton in da Intermittent Feast book. All you really have to do is google things like trans fats + premature death, trans fats + cholesterol, fructose + insulin resistance, omega 6 oils and inflammation, etc.

  2. Laura Babbitt

    Nice job, Nate. Love your down to earth approach.

    I’m on the sedentary side, so I stay away from sugar and starches, but some of my (young) athletic friends load up on ice cream and pop tarts, claiming their activity protects them from insulin resistance. It sounds like you caution everyone away from that stuff, except for planned cheats, because over time it causes insulin resistance. Can you point out the research that informs your position, so I can share it with them? Thanks!

  3. Jordan Kyle Rosedahl

    Some great information in this interview, Nate. Do you have a method for calculating how many carbs an active individual needs based on their lifting volume? For example, I’m doing an extremely low volume workout 7 days a week right now, so while you mention that it would be detrimental to NOT be eating carbs, I feel like, at the same time, I shouldn’t be eating too many.

  4. Jordan Kyle Rosedahl

    Nate, I’m really sorry you had to put up with that unbelievably awkward host haha. He just cannot talk naturally on TV can he? And that high five at the end? HA! Anyway! I really really enjoyed the content of this video regardless of the host. I love all your information, and I’ve been using it for a while with great results. However, lately I’ve been doing the “Caveman” style diet along with daily strength training (VERY low volume). From this video it seems that you would recommend starchy carbs even during a fat loss phase, but just lower calories overall. Is that correct?