How To Get Published: Writing Domination in the Fitness Industry

*Warning:  this post is only for those who are interested in writing in the fitness industry


When people ask me how to get started writing in the fitness industry, I always answer them honestly, “I have no idea man.”

Of course they are asking me because they see I’ve been published in a few spots and have a few books out, and must be thinking, “man, this guy is a d*ck.  He’s trying to guard the industry secrets and keep them for himself.”

Nothing could be further from the truth.  The thing is, the way I got started was to just do a bunch of sh*t and see what happened.  Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t.  Obviously, that wasn’t a very strategic plan to make the best use of my time and efforts.  And I made a lot of mistakes along the way.

I don’t want to see the people who are coming to me for advice take the same lackadaisical approach, and end up where I was at times:  pissing in the wind and looking for results (that’s from my old defensive backs coach = a timeless gem).


If you want to learn about the writing industry, or anything in general, you should learn from the professionals — the guys who are working and hustling their a$$es off, day in and day out, in this industry, and who have achieved a high-level of success in their field.

Maybe I just got lucky.  But one way or the other, when I got tired of pissing on myself, I reached out, eventually connected with, and had the great fortune of being able to receive personal advice from Sean Hyson, John Romaniello, and Lou Schuler.  I now look at these guys as my mentors and friends in the industry.

When they speak, I listen.  And I can tell you that their knowledge of the writing industry is only surpassed by:

A) Their generosity in sharing this knowledge with passionate up-and-comers.

B) Their combined “coolness” factor.  If you are a dork like me, watch out, it might just cut ya…


This bas a$$ crew has put together an awesome resource about everything related to the writing industry.  If you are looking to get started, to improve your writing skills, to learn more about the business side of the game, or to move forward with your career, I highly suggest you check out what they have to say.

On a side note, with good advice, I’m not pissing in the wind anymore.  I’m now able to at least hit the toilet seat.  One day, I hope to make it in the bowl (except after sex, then it sprays all over the room like a fire hose).  What’s up with that?  Can anyone explain that to me from a physiological perspective?

Alrighty then, if you want to check out the book, here is the link:

How To Get Published:  Writing Domination in the Fitness Industry