Client Congratulations

I’m embarrassed that I have been so busy working on my own stuff that I am late in congratulating two of my clients on their recent accomplishments.  What a jerk huh?  2 very different clients, as you’ll see, but I’m equally proud of both.


MISS CA USA 2012 Swimsuit

Lisa recently competed at the 2012 Miss California USA competition and placed in the Top 20, out of 276 women!  I set up and adjusted her nutrition plan and my colleague Coach Shawn Toussaint trained her throughout her preparation.  It was amazing to see the progress she made, and of course she ended up looking beautiful on stage.  Our only request is that she remembers us “little folks” that helped her along the way when she becomes a superstar.


And New Champ…

I helped formulate my friend Ralph’s nutrition plan during his two most recent fight camps.  The end result?  Ralph dropped a weight class and became the 135lbs champ in his promotion.  I’m going to have Ralph as a guest on this blog at some point to talk about the diet plan he implemented through his camp, but it was based on the core principles I have presented on this site: Paleo Nutrition Base, with the addition of a select few starches to support anaerobic training, eating lighter during the day with the majority of calories and carbs at night, etc.  You’ve heard it before, now you can see that it works:  male, female, lover, fighter, etc. hahaha.

For now you can watch some footage of Ralph winning his title.  The dude is a beast:

Ralph also gave me some love in an interview for “Inside Punch”.  Thanks brother:

So here is some love back.  Ralph trains out of “Athens Fitness and MMA” (, and his fight team is called “The HardCore Gym”.  If you’re in that area, hit ’em up.

It was an honor to work with both of you!

1 thought on “Client Congratulations

  1. Sean

    Hey Nate,

    I’m a kick-boxer myself (5 60 minute training sessions a week on top of 1-2 strength workouts a week), and would like to implement your nutrition strategy however I’m worried that due to my high bodyfat percentage (>15%) I should stay away from carbs until I’m leaner.

    Is this a good idea?