6 Nutrition Tips & Gain’s Web Commercial

What’s up everyone?  Hope all is well.

I’ve been crazy busy over at GainFitness creating content for their website/blog, and working behind the scenes as a science reference for their computer algorithms.  Nerdy stuff, but fun.

I’d never create or put out content I did not believe in regardless of who I’m working for or what brand/publication it is released under, so the cool thing is they said I can post it here and have it double as articles/blogs/video posts for my own site if I want.  Hell Yeah I do.  Here are a few links I think you might find useful or just cool:

1. Top 6 Nutrition Tips for the Real World

In this post I give some of the major steps people, specifically busy professionals, can start taking to improve their health and drop some fat.  Readers of the Samurai Diet will recommend some principles that go against the mainstream fitness grain (ie 2-3 meals a day works better for most busy professionals, and it is our natural evolutionary tendency to eat more at night, so a sustainable plan structures a diet as such).  But I also believe these tips make a fat loss plan more realistic and functional in the real world.

2. GainFitness Web Commercial

This is a video commercial that GainFitness put together about their app.  It gives you an idea of what we are doing/trying to create.  And if you are interested, it gives you an idea of what I’ve been up to over the last month.

I’m working with Gain part-time now, so if you are the type of person that likes regular fitness tips, stay tuned.  I’ll actually have time to write/create more.  Good or bad?  We’ll see…

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