Nate Miyaki – The Next Crow?

Could this be the next Crow?

A buddy of mine is a huge fan of the movie The Crow,  and the original comic book series by James O’Barr.  He recently read that Hollywood is planning on filming a Crow remake.  He sent me an email, “Bradley Cooper as the Crow? C’mon.  They need an action star, not an actor.  Why don’t you put something together and send it into Relativity Media (the studio making it)?”

I have to admit, this tugged at my heart strings.  Before getting into fitness, I actually was a film major in college and toured as a professional wrestler.  I thought my career would be in entertainment somehow.  Then I grew up.

And I am a huge fan of the original Crow movie with Brandon Lee.  I could probably recite every line.

So bear with me on this one.  I thought I would write a fun little post about the 4 reasons why I should be the next Crow.  No practical fitness info for you in this one, but at least it will help you get to know a little bit more about the person you are taking all of this health and fitness advice from (and as you’ll see, I’m a pretty weird dude).

1. I am trained in the Brazilian martial art Capoeira, and was a former professional wrestler/stunt performer.

With a little bit of training, I could probably do all of the stunts and fight scenes myself.  Here is a link to my demo/highlight reels:

Kamikaze Kid I & Kamikaze Kid II

2. I can look the part

A guy playing a comic book hero should physically look like one.  That’s why Edward Furlong and Eric Mabius as the Crow just didn’t cut it (for me anyway).  One of my first inspirations to get into fitness and natural bodybuilding was seeing Brandon Lee in the original Crow movie.  I never really wanted to look like the big, steroid dudes in pro bodybuilding.  But just like his dad Bruce Lee, Brandon was lean-muscular/ripped.  He looked like a comic book hero, and I wanted to do the same.  Thus, the obsession with the Iron began, and still runs strong 15 years later.

With my background in natural bodybuilding and fitness modeling, I know I can get into Crow-like shape.  It may not be as good as Brandon Lee, but there will only ever be one Brandon Lee.

3. I have a few more things in common with past “Crows”.

In my mind, the best Crow was Brandon Lee.  The next best Crow was Mark Dacascos.  These guys brought their martial arts skills to the revenge-driven role, and quite frankly, kicked ass.  I will karate kick T-bird (one of the villains in the movie) right in the throat if I am given the opportunity.

They had another thing in common too.

They were both Hapa (mixed race).  Brandon was Chinese and English/Swedish, Mark is a mix of a bunch of stuff: Japanese, Irish, Filipino, Spanish, and Chinese.   I think this diverse ethnic background somehow just fit well with the darker role.

And although I am not as good looking as the previous leads, I am a Hapa as well — half Japanese and half Irish.  Good thing the Crow covers himself in make-up/face paint.

And of course, the Crow (both in the comics and in the original movie, and as portrayed by Brandon and Mark) was a rock n’ roller and had long, dark hair. This seems to be a hindrance in my fitness model career (I will not get spiked, frosted, blonde tips).  Maybe it will help me here.  Either way, you gotta be who you are, and I ain’t a mainstream type.

4. The main character Eric Draven (who becomes the Crow) is the lead singer in a rock band.  I used to play in a rock band.

OK, I know I have to start stretching it to make it to the end :).  But hey, we recorded a short album, and can contribute some cool songs to the soundtrack at no extra charge — wink, wink.  Besides, this is my wife’s favorite picture of me, and I promised I would figure out how to get it into a blog post at some point.  Hard to do that with fitness stuff, but now the burden is gone:

So what do you think?  Nate Miyaki as the next Crow?  To be honest, I’m such a huge fan of the movie and comics, I’d be happy being “Bad Guy #5”, and getting thrown across the room by whoever they actually choose to play The Crow.  So if any Hollywood guys out there are listening…

8 thoughts on “Nate Miyaki – The Next Crow?

  1. Prof. M

    Hello Nate,
    Nice rundown of credentials on why you can be the next lead, on the movie, “The Crow”. Absolutely agree–150%!

    I am beginning to write your PR Plan, just been hectic with Christmas stuff, and life. Btw, Happy Bday, is the 19th the real dob?

    Gotta read your book, too! Regards to Kalai!