Fitness America Results

Backstage at Fitness America

Nothing like half naked photos to hook readers into a blog post right?

Normally, we like to keep our posts, articles, and this site in general, geared towards educational content that you can apply in your own life to achieve your health and fitness goals.  But a lot of our friends and family have been asking us how our competition went (we really do appreciate that support by the way).

So unfortunately, this blog post is all about us, us, us.  Sorry, we promise we’ll get back to some more meaningful and useful content in the next installment.  But for now, some fitness ridiculousness:

1. The scene?  Fitness America weekend was a surreal scene man.  There were over 500 competitors from all over the world walking around flaunting their goods in bikinis and posing trunks — and that was in the hotel lobby!  As a testosterone-filled man/pervert, I can’t believe I am saying this, but it was nice to go to a hotel on the Vegas strip after the competition where people actually had some clothes on.

2. The competition?  We learned that we are definitely not professional models, and we learned just how much of a model component there is to a fitness model competition.  You actually have to walk down a 50-foot runway, pose for the cameras/judges, ham it up, etc., and all of this impacts your score.  Here is the second time I can’t believe I am saying something, but I have a newfound respect for what models actually do.

3. Feedback?  One of the judges was kind enough to give us some pointers after the show.  He said physique-wise we looked great, and got our highest scores in the swimwear round.  But he said he could tell it was our first time modeling.  Guilty as charged.

Apparently, I need to do something with my Samurai-style hair (I have absolutely no problem wearing posing panties, but I gotta’ draw the line somewhere, and I draw it at spiked hair and frosted tips).  We both need to find clothes that fit better, learn how to walk and pose like models, and improve our stage presence.  The overall summary was that our bodies were up to par, but we need to work on our Zoolander/Tyra Banks mojo.   And we thought our six-packs were going to be enough to impress the fitness world, ha!

P.S. The next time I have to wear Euro-style swim trunks, I am stuffing…

4. Results?  Neither of us made the top 10, which is what they award.  Despite the subjectivity of the event, our competitive-side snuck through and we were a little disappointed with that.  Nothing a “Frrrozen Hot Chocolate” with Kahlua from Serendipity (@ Caesar’s Palace) couldn’t cure. But we had to remind ourselves placing high was not our main reasons for competing.  They were:

A) To prove you can look like a fitness model without being a professional fitness model, having to give up your career, etc., and

B) To gain some exposure in the fitness industry.  That was probably the best news from the weekend. The head judge is a casting director in L.A. for film, TV, and print.  He told us we have a great look, said we have a ton of potential in the industry, gave us his contact info, and told us to follow up with him.

We both have our careers rolling, so neither of us is planning on moving to L.A. to chase superstardom, but he told us he might be able to hook us up with some agents in the Bay Area.  If we can make some extra money, and maybe use our “talent” side to help promote our writing/products/fitness business, that would be great.  Who knows where that could lead, but it is exciting nonetheless.

So overall the weekend was fun and productive, and we accomplished our major goals.  Not bad.  We’ll post up some of the professional shots when they are available.

In addition, Kalai got to meet one of her idols — Hello Kitty:

And I got to re-kindle one of my old flames (pre-Kalai of course).  Me & Ms. Green used to have a thing, and she’s been waiting in Vegas for my promised return ever since:

Thanks for your continued support of everything that we do in this crazy industry.  We are lucky!

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