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Hey everyone, I updated my blog on, but people were telling me they were having problems accessing it.  So I figured I copy and post it here, in case you were interested.  Here it is in full:

Musclemania Blog Post 10.28.11

Its been awhile since we last had a chance to hang out and catch up, so hey, aloha, what’s up?  Hope all is well with you.  We’ve had a lot going on since the summertime, here is the Sportscenter-style recap:

1. Kalai and I officially entered the Model Division of the Fitness America Weekend. 

I had planned on competing in the Musclemania Division, but we’ve been getting a ton of work as fitness models.  The funny thing is I never got any damn work until my wife came around —  so its probably more about her talent than anything.  I just get to tag along, carry her bags, and sneak into a few photos :).  Regardless, I figured I see what the model show is all about.  Besides, I get bored easily.  That’s why I have the whole bodybuilding, pro wrestling, capoeira, rock band history thing going on.  I like to try new things, and the model show will definitely be new for me.  But I’ll be prepared.  I’ve hired Derek Zoolander as my coach, and he’s been showing me both the Blue Steel and Blue Magnum poses.

2.  We had the tremendous opportunity to partner with a start-up company out here in Silicon Valley called GainFitness

(GainFitness photoshoot w/ Nate and wife Kalai Diamond)

Dude, these guys are going to change the fitness industry.  They want to become sort of the I-tunes of fitness, and they definitely have the technical skills, network, and business savvy to pull it off.  Essentially, they have/are creating computer algorithms, mobile apps, and downloadable workouts to provide personal training-style guidance, program design, and workout progressions at a much more affordable price.  This is going to make DVD’s that don’t customize the workouts to the individual obsolete.  The cool thing is they tapped us as their lead models/talent for their platform and product launch.  I’m glad we got in with them now before they blow up in the industry and become big time!

3. My first book was published, The Samurai Diet:  The Science & Strategy of Winning the Fat Loss War. 

(The Samurai Diet book cover)

I started writing a regular column for a fitness/strength training magazine about a year ago.  It gained popularity, the articles got a ton of hits, and then people started asking me if I was ever going to write a book.  The thing is, I had been working on a book for years.  The audience demand (previously I thought if I wrote a book, my wife, my five brothers/one sister, and I would be the only ones reading it) was just the pressure I needed to finally “get ‘er done”.  Here’s the link to its Amazon page if you want to check it out: The Samurai Diet.

Alas, you grow tired of my blabbing, belly-aching, and the guillotine choke I’ve had on your time.  I’ll post up again before the show with an update of our current condition.

Thanks a ton for the support over the years.  Take care!

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  1. Prof. M

    This is awesome Nate! It will be great rolling out the details with you & Kalai 🙂 Thanks for remembering me.

  2. infomart123

    Nate,kudos to your effort and informative articles on fat loss exercise and program.this is to tell you that your effort are paying off right now.pulling this deal with the company and having a book to your name.thumbs up to you.Hope you keep filling us in on tips for best fat loss exercise.