Nate in Men’s Health

Hope everyone is having a great summer.

I had the privilege of being featured in this month’s issue of Men’s Health magazine.  The article was written by the great Lou Schuler, a former Men’s Health editor, regular freelance contributor, and author of several best-selling fitness books (including the Testosterone Advantage Plan).

The article was about the secrets of athletes who push themselves to the max.  It featured three different types of athletes:  a powerlifter, a triathlete, and me (the bodybuilder/fitness guy).  I can’t believe I was chosen as the third guy.  It was a great honor.

As cheesy as it sounds, I have to honestly admit that being featured in a major fitness magazine has always been one of my major goals.  I guess it is because I grew up reading them, and thought if one day I was one of the athletes people were reading about, that somehow meant “I made it”, whatever that means.

I can now say I’ve been in the same magazine as Sam Worthington, the dude from Avatar and Terminator 4.  I told my mama I would be famous some day :).  Ok, I know not really, but let me feel good about myself for a day.

Kalai has posted up some snippets from the article here: Men’s Health article link

So I knocked off one of my major goals thanks to Lou Schuler.  We’d like to help you reach some of yours.  I think a good article we wrote related to this piece is this one: The Power of Goals

And go out and get the Sept issue of Men’s Health.