Content, Content, Content

What’s up my friends?

Well, its been awhile since my last post.  But its not because I’ve been sitting on my a$$.  I’ve been busy creating a bunch of content, both for this site and for some of the other fitness outlets I am associated with.  So here is everything that has been going on:

1. I think 2 new articles went up on T-Nation since we last talked.  I’m starting to build an audience over there and it is really helping me get my name out in the industry.  Here are the articles:

New Starchy Carb Food Pyramid
5 Ways to Improve Insulin Sensitivity

2. We’ve started and have been filling out the video exercise library.  Here it is:

Video Exercise Library

3.  Coach Shawn Toussaint and I were guests on Whole Body Talk, a weekly fitness podcast.  We talked about natural bodybuilding and the ins and outs of body composition transformations.  Here is the link:

Whole Body Talk: Shawn and Nate on Natural Bodybuilding

4. Kalai and I are going to stop running the other site we had started — Fat America Fit America — and just focus on this one.  Which means Kalai is joining this site and will be posting up content as well.

5. I’m taking a month off from training after next week to focus on finishing my book.  Hopefully by the end of that process I’ll have all of my theories — both science and practical strategies — all in one comprehensive place.

Alright.  Until next time, take care.  And thanks a lot for the continued support!