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It’s all about smiles and cries…Yeah, you gotta control your smiles and cries because that’s all you have, and nobody can take that away from you — Jake Hoyt (Training Day).

Resumes and credentials are one thing, but I figured I’d tell you a little bit more about myself personally so you can better decide if I’m someone you want to hang with and maybe learn a thing or two from along the way.

competing and training

I could go with the 3rd person rant about everything I’ve accomplished and how awesome I am, but: (1) I haven’t accomplished that much (trust me 6-packs are meaningless in the real world).  (2) I’m really not that awesome, and I don’t know anyone else who thinks I’m that awesome, at least not enough to write a “proclamation of love and adoration” intro.  (3) I’m a real dude, and would rather just speak to you like one if that’s cool with you?

(4) And most importantly, I know you don’t care that much about me personally.  You only want to know how my background can ultimately help YOU reach YOUR goals.  I get it, and I’m with you.

Anyway, that’s how I roll, and this is where I’m coming from:


A wise old man once told me that for most people, finding happiness proves to be one of life’s most difficult and elusive tasks.  This puzzled him, as he believed it should be a relatively simple one.  He said it really just boils down to three things:

1. Finding your passion, and subsequently incorporating that passion into your life as much as possible:

You gotta care about something in this life to feel alive right?  I consider myself a very lucky man because I have found two things in this world that I am passionate about, and they will be a part of my life until the day that I die.

I love natural bodybuilding, fitness, body composition enhancement, physique development, or whatever else you want to call it.  It has been a consistent part of my life and identity since my brother Shawn first introduced me to the gym in my teens.  Thanks bro, in the eyes of this kohai (student), you will always be the True Master.

While I’ve trained, competed, and performed in many different sports and entertainment realms, I’ve always been drawn to the physique enhancement side of the Iron Game.  Pure vanity?  Maybe?  But I think its something much deeper.

You see when I say bodybuilding, I don’t necessarily mean competing — trimming the ol’ man bush, twirling around in panties to music, getting into the spotlight, networking and schmoozing, etc.  And I don’t mean Zoolander-style fitness photo shoots either (although we do both to help market ourselves and contribute towards making some kind of a living).

What I’m really talking about is living the bodybuilding LIFESTYLE.  I’m talking about the process of intense training and targeted dieting leading up to competitions or photo shoots, or just for the sake of taking pride in one’s body and the process of developing it.  I like that focused discipline.  I like committing to, and living the life of, a physique athlete.  In other words, I’m one of the rare guys who enjoy the journey way more than the destination or result (at least when it comes to physique development).

The bodybuilding lifestyle has provided me with a solid foundation in this chaos called life, and my journey in particular, which, of course, has been full of ups and downs, successes and failures, achievements and disappointments.  I have always been able to find comfort, peace, escape, value, and a sense of purpose in the gym (and in the lifestyle as a whole), even when I was in my darkest stages, and hopelessly lost in the real world.

Yeah, yeah, I know I’m a weirdo.  But it’s who I am.

Even more so than all of the above, however, I have discovered that I love studying and writing about the physique enhancement process.  To be honest it’s an obsession, right on the borderline of being an unhealthy one.  For the longest time I’ve tried to deny it.  But now, I must admit it — I am without a doubt, a big nerd.

I’ve acquired knowledge through formal education (post-baccalaureate studies in Kinesiology, multiple training/nutrition certifications), personal research and self-education (thousands of hours reading books, scientific studies, and articles), and probably most importantly, “street lessons” learned from a decade of practical experience — competing in natural bodybuilding, picking the brains of fellow competitors, training hundreds of private clients, advising thousands more, and using those associations to understand common pitfalls, or conversely, pathways to success, etc.

For better or for worse, I’ve made this Iron “thang” my career.  It’s my way of incorporating my passion into my life as much as possible.

2. Being and staying authentic. 

You know I’ve thought a lot about this topic.  On a bigger level, how do I want the people I meet in this world to perceive me?

People have different philosophies on that right?  “I want people to think I’m smart, sexy, a good person, strong, confident, rich, know people, people know me, I’m a total bada$$, I got my sh*t together, I got it all, I’m ‘x’, whatever it is that floats your boat…”

That’s not really what I want, because in all honesty I only have a small fraction of each of those things going on right now, not a lot.  I know people who are way cooler, smarter, more successful, etc. than I am.

All I really want after someone meets me is to think, “That Nate Miyaki-guy?  You know what?  He’s alright man.  He’s a pretty cool dude (not literally — like Fonzie-type cool, but more figuratively — meaning just a real, laid-back, sincere, genuine guy).  And the guy helped me out when he could.”

On a smaller level, how do I want the fitness world to perceive me?  I’m not trying to be the next guru or fitness celebrity.  I don’t want people to think I know everything, I disregard all methods that are not my own, or I am the be-all-end-all, definitive word in fitness.  In fact, I refer clients out all of the time to many different experts who are more experienced than me in specific fields, when I feel it is a better match for the client, and when I know it will be more beneficial for helping the client achieve their specific goals.

All I want to do is share what I’ve learned in my formal education and personal research, and what has helped me out in my career competing and coaching in the Iron Game.  And I’m hoping those experiences can help you in some way.  If you decide to trust in me as one of your fitness resources, well, I consider that a great honor.  I will do my best not to let you down.

I can easily accomplish all of the above goals with one simple step — being authentic.

There are a lot of scams, bogus claims, marketing smokescreens, and false promises in the fat loss and fitness industries.  You’re not going to get any of that junk from me.  Why?  I care about this game way too much.  Trust me, I know how important it can be to a person to get into elite physical condition, or simply to lose some weight and get healthier.  I know how it can reach top priority status, how much of an obsession it can become, and how good it feels when that goal becomes a reality.   Unfortunately, I also know how disappointing it feels when content, programs, or products don’t keep the clients’ best interests in mind, and promise results but fail to deliver.

I’ve been on the other side, the passionate kid yearning for real information that would produce real results.  I’ve been swindled and scammed and misled before I had a true understanding of the process.  Now that people are turning to me as a resource, how could I possibly give you something I don’t believe?  I can’t, it’s not within me.  So trust me, it ain’t happening jack.

Here’s the honest truth.  Some of what I say may resonate with you.  Some of what I say may not.  I may be right sometimes.  I may be wrong sometimes.  My theories may evolve, or even change over time based on the ongoing process of knowledge accumulation.  But I will never hesitate to promise you this:  whatever content I put out on this site is what I truly BELIEVE in at the present moment, and it is what I practice myself every day.  You can’t ask for much more, or anything more sincere, than that.

3. Sharing your passion in order to help others:

That’s really the core mission of this site.

To me, there is no greater feeling than setting and achieving ambitious goals, EXCEPT knowing that you played an integral role in helping others to do the exact same thing.  I have learned everything I know in this game from many great athletes, coaches, researchers, and authors, all of whom have been very generous with their knowledge, time, or both.  I hope to “pay that back” by sharing what I know with you.

I believe everyone deserves access to high quality info, whether they can afford to pay me the big $$$ that I charge for private instruction or not.  That’s one of the reasons I started this site.  I want to be a trusted resource in an industry full of a lot of B.S. — to my family, friends, and anyone else who may share that passion for fat loss and physique development.

Through the various content channels — articles, posts, warrior principles, video clips, etc. — I hope you find something that helps you along your own personal journey.  I wouldn’t have put it up if I didn’t think it could help someone, somewhere.

And here’s a bonus.

In ten years as a business owner, I’ve developed a close network of health and fitness professionals.  That’s just how the game goes.  If you are going to be honest and humble, and ultimately successful, you have to admit you can’t be an expert at everything.  What’s the old saying?  “If you are the smartest person in your business you’re probably doomed to fail.”

I’ve learned that in order to provide the best service to clients, you must work with a team.  I’ve worked side-by-side with top doctors, physical therapists, nutritionists, psychologists, and fellow trainers, natural bodybuilders, and fitness models.  They are my professional colleagues, but I also have the privilege of calling many of them my personal friends.

Every day we share stories, bounce ideas off of each other, and learn from each other.  Not only have I learned my own lessons about what really works in the health & fitness trenches, but I’ve also learned lessons from some of the most successful and experienced people in the industry.

A lot of them are just as passionate as I am about this game, are excited about what we’re doing, and want to contribute in some way.  From time to time, they’ll be stopping by and providing additional insight and perspectives.  You’re going to have access to the expertise of a team of qualified health & fitness professionals.  That’s a lot better than just hearing what I have to say.

Oh, and one more thing.

I just wanted to say thanks to each and every one of you personally.  This site is allowing me to follow that wise old man’s advice, and practically apply his simple steps to finding true happiness in this life.

Alright, enough sentimental talking already.  Lets get this samurai-shredded thing rolling.  OK, maybe one more cheat meal first…

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