The 80/20 Rule of Fitness Nutrition

If you retain only one piece of information from my articles, I hope that it is this: your nutritional habits will have a far greater impact on your body composition and physique goals than any other fitness component.

Step back from the fitness industry, pop culture, or scientific debates and think about it logically for just a second. Lets say you perform 4 weight training sessions and 5 cardio sessions a week – a typical fitness protocol. That’s a total of 9 training sessions per week. That’s 9 chances to make a difference and change your body in a positive way.

Now, lets also say you eat 3 square meals a day. Better yet, as a fitness athlete you know about the advantages of meal spacing and eat 5 meals/snacks a day. That’s 21-35 opportunities a week to directly impact your muscle building and fat burning goals.

A common question in the fitness industry is, “what percentage of my physique enhancement goals will be a result of exercise, and what percentage will be a result of my diet?” Common answers are something like, “Well, they are both important. You can’t really assign percentages” or “training is 100%, diet is 100%”. But that doesn’t really give novice trainees an accurate depiction of the bigger picture. And in the big picture, diet will always have a bigger impact than training.

In our above example of 9 training sessions and 35 meals/snacks geared toward body composition improvement a week, that works out to about 20% accounted to physical activity and 80% accounted to diet. I’d say that’s a pretty accurate assessment of the physique enhancement process. If you want to look good, 80% of your results are determined by the food that you eat.

This is an article about fitness nutrition, not statistics, so lets leave the numbers behind and look at some real world examples. If you look around your gym, you’ve probably noticed some regulars that have been there day-in and day-out for months, or even years, but look exactly the same. All that time and effort with no results to show for it. What’s up with that? The answer is diet, or lack thereof.

Another good example is professional NFL offensive lineman. These guys are pro athletes that perform vigorous training protocols on a daily basis. They are big, strong, and could certainly throw me a severe beating. But most of them have a little jiggle with their wiggle, a large percentage of them are obese. How can this be? Again, the answer is poor, or no nutritional strategy.

Conversely, when you hear tales of dramatic weight loss or great body transformations, diet/nutrition is always at the forefront of the discussion. “How did you lose the weight?” friends will ask. “Oh, I went on such and such diet” or “I read this or that nutrition book.” People can make drastic changes in their physique with diet alone. Remember Jared from Subway (yeah I know he’s getting paid to say that, but you get my point).

The moral of the story is you can’t change your body just by exercising. As a matter of fact, I’d say you are wasting your time in the gym until you clean up your diet and implement a sound fitness nutrition protocol. It would be nice if we could work off last night’s junk meal with some extra cardio. Despite what some trainers would have you believe, it just doesn’t work that way.

When you are about to cheat and eat that slice of pizza or bowl of ice cream, remember the Fitness Nutrition 80:20 rule. What goes into your mouth accounts for 80% of how you look.

Copyright 2010 Nate Miyaki

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