Fake Tans, Fitness Events, & Photo Shoots

My wife and I just got back from a whirlwind, fitness extravaganza weekend down in L.A.  We wanted to update our family and friends with all that went down during our “business” trip.  In honor of my favorite show — Sportscenter — here is a top 5 countdown.

#5.  Kalai competed in her first ever fitness/bikini show. She placed 3rd.  I was able to sneak out from backstage and watch her from the crowd.  She looked frickin’ amazing.  People in the audience could not believe that she is 38 years old.  I overhead a group of women next to me say they thought she was 23.

The best part about it is that she reached this shape in a sane, reasonable way.  Nothing extreme.  Apparently, there were never-ending tales backstage about women who had done 2+ hours of cardio a day, dieted on starvation level calories and/or no carbs (and are unknowingly destroying their metabolism, hormonal profile, and setting themselves up for a huge weight rebound), and had pretty much given up all semblance of a normal life for months in exchange for a few minutes of prancing around onstage.  Crazy huh?  One woman was incoherent backstage because she had not had anything to eat or drink for over 36 hours.  Is that chasing glory or battling a different kind of eating disorder?

Kalai plans on writing about her training and diet leading up to the show.  I can follow through with the science behind this process.  There are so many myths and misinformation (especially regarding the female body composition transformation process) in the industry, its time to set the record straight using both science AND practical experience.  Either alone is meaningless.

#4.  I placed 6th in my weight-class, just out of the top 5. It seemed that this time around the judges preferred size a little bit more then definition.  That’s cool.  People asked if I was pissed?  No way, how can you get mad over a sport based on subjective opinion.  Some like apples, some like oranges, it’s all good.  Here’s a link to the line-up, you can be the judge:  Ironman Naturally lightweight comparisons (The tallest dude, 5th from left-to-right, with the maroon panties — I mean posing trunks).

#3. Our photo shoot the next day was the true highlight of our trip. We worked with Natalie Minh, an LA-based photographer who has shot for a lot of the major fitness magazines.  She was great, and the shoot was a lot of fun.  She was patient and encouraging with our rookie-asses.  She definitely thinks we have potential as fitness models, especially with the whole couple’s angle, and thinks we should focus more on that than bodybuilding/fitness competitions.  Kalai and I agreed; besides, we enjoyed the photo shoot so much more than the show.

She was very impressed with Kalai and mentioned that she will be submitting some of the photos to mainstream fitness magazines.  In other words, Kalai is going to be a fitness star, I’m just along for the ride.  Cool with me.  Kalai can motivate, we both can educate.  We’ll put up some of the shots when we get them in a separate blog post.

#2. 2011 plans. We plan on spending the first half of the year launching our new website/blog and helping share what we’ve learned about the physique transformation process with our family, friends, and clients.  Can’t wait.  I think we’re one of the few out there in the industry that can back up our advice with science and practical experience.  Athletes with IQ’s, trainers/nutrition advisors with real world, practical experience — crazy!

At the end of the year, we plan on doing the Musclemania World fitness model show.  Like I said, we are going to start focusing more on that route than the bodybuilding/figure competitions.  Should be some good exposure and movement in that direction.  Is this the next fitness couple (maybe I need to wear some heels)?

#1  The L.A Fitness Expo was packed and crazy — bodybuilding, powerlifting, arm wrestling, sumo wrestling, mma, magazines, supplements, equipment.  It was definitely a cool site, but there are only so many fake tans, fake smiles, and fake tits you can take (yeah dudes, I know that last comment sounds crazy but trust me, after awhile you just want some semblance of normalcy).

We want to say thanks a lot for the support you’ve given us through this time.  We hope to return the favor with content that helps you reach your goals.