Even Simpler Nutrition Advice

With that being said, I realized that sometimes the practical information/fitness tips I want you to apply, preferably TODAY, don’t always immediately get across to all of you — my family and friends.  And yes, I consider my private clients, and even my online readers, as my friends.  I guess that’s something I’ve always believed in, and it helps me stay a real, authentic dude.  Treat everyone you meet, and interact with, and give advice to, like they are a part of your family.  Some of my training clients might be thinking to themselves, “but wait Nate, you can be a real dick sometimes.”  Well, all I can say is that at times, tough love and the cold, hard truth, is the best way to ultimately help your friends.

You see, here I go again on some random tangent.  Lets (meaning me) focus.

I need to give you some straightforward, practical nutrition tips you can apply in the real world.  With the Barebones Fitness Nutrition Plan article, I thought I had already done that.  Most people seem to get the theories and concepts, but I’ve found that many people are still having a hard time using that information to implement an everyday, practical nutrition plan.  Maybe you are just fucking lazy — hey, that’s on you.  But I realize that it also could be that I need to give you more clear, concrete, simple user-friendly tips to follow — that’s on me.

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