Body Composition Series 101 Complete

When I got this blog/website thing up and rolling, I really wanted it to become a resource where anyone could learn everything I thought they needed to know about nutrition and training plans specifically geared towards physique enhancement/body composition change.

I’m not trying to train performance athletes.  My goal is to advise people who are interested primarily in changing their physical appearance.  It’s really bodybuilding, body sculpting, and fitness training without the negative associations with those demographics (drug use, supplement overkill, meatheads and diva’s, and uneducated approaches to physiological processes and development).  I want to use my science background and my practical experience as a fitness competitor/model and trainer to get the most effective practical information out to all of you.

I started with the Barebones Fitness Nutrition Plan (the practical dietary advice you could implement immediately) followed by the Fitness Nutrition 101 Series (the science behind why you should eat a certain way as a physique athlete).  I then posted some sample training routines (the practical training advice you could implement immediately) followed by introducing the Body Composition Training 101 Series (the science behind why you should train a certain was as a physique athlete).  Next came two installments in that series — training frequency and duration.  It was a good start, but the BC 101 Series was far from complete.

Then I got sidetracked!  Sorry.  I started working with a few people to tighten up the website, and started some social media stuff (Twitter, Facebook, You-Tube Channel) to reach more people.  That worked, and then I got published a couple of times on T-nation, started helping a few people online, prepped a friend for a bodybuilding competition and photo shoot, etc., and the weeks flew by.

But, it’s time to get back to my original goal with this blog/site.

I want you to know everything you need to know to get into top shape — the rest is up to you.  Instead of holding things back and releasing articles slowly, this week I’ve decided to finish the entire Body Composition Training 101 Series and post it up.  Why wait?  You need access to quality information and you need it now.  Besides, with everything that’s going on with my career, I may get frickin’ sidetracked again for another few months.  I don’t want to leave you hanging.

Quite honestly, between the Barebones Fitness Nutrition Plan, the sample workouts, the Fitness Nutrition 101 Series, and the Body Composition Training 101 Series, that’s  everything I know, and think you need to know, about fitness to implement an effective plan, and to understand the reasons why you are doing it.  That’s every principle I use with my own training and with my clients’ programs.  Sure some individualization needs to take place, but that’s the basic structure of body composition training and dieting.

And that was my goal.  I wanted a resource where if anyone off the streets asks me about body composition change, I could point them to my site so I didn’t have to try and explain it over and over again (and besides, I’m a better instructor through writing than through speaking).  Also, there is a lot of bullshit training and nutrition programs trying to sell you stuff  (or TV shows trying to be dramatic), and it gives people the wrong idea of what it really takes to reach the upper echelon of physical development.

That’s why there is the 101 Series — you need to understand some of the scientific processes so you don’t get duped/confused by marketing and sales pitches.  I made a lot of mistakes along my own journey because of my lack of knowledge at that time.  I don’t want to see you waste your valuable time like I did.

So head on over and check out the Body Composition Training 101 Series.  It’s finally finished, and is all the science behind my training program recommendations.  There are seven new installments — volume, routine splits, exercise selection, reps, form, inter-est rest, and intensity.  Its like a free e-book without all of the annoying advertisements.

And by the way, Happy Turkey Day!  This year, we give thanks that with all of this new information, there will be no “turkey arms” at the dinner table next year.