Hapa’s and Ronin

Happy Halloween!  Do you have your costumes prepped and ready to go?  I used to go as The Crow almost every year — the original Crow with Brandon Lee, not the horrible sequels.  I think Edward Furlong was the last Crow — ridiculous.  But I haven’t been able rally and roll the last few years.  The last Halloween I actually went out there was a gang fight right in front of us, and two people were shot about a block away.  I figured I’d stay away from that stuff for a while.  I don’t need to risk getting killed to have a good time (it’s funny how things change when you actually start to have something to lose).

This past week I had the honor of being asked to write a guest post for HapaVoice.com.  It was a great experience.  This was my first non-fitness related writing piece since I took up the pen.  I enjoyed the change of pace.  This is from their home page:

ha•pa (hä’pä) adj. 1. Slang. Of mixed racial heritage with partial roots in Asian and/or Pacific Islander ancestry. n. 2. Slang. A person of such ancestry.

Hapa, literally “half” in Hawaiian, was originally used as a derogatory term to describe people of biracial ancestry. Today, many multiracial individuals of Asian or Pacific Islander descent have embraced the word as a term of prideful self-identification. Although some object to the term’s appropriation and perceived misuse outside of its traditional Hawaiian context, “Hapa” has been widely adopted by the Asian and Pacific Islander multiracial communities, and even by some multiracial, non-Asians.

While many Hapas take pride in their ancestry, some find that their multiracial identity creates personal dilemmas and social challenges.

HapaVoice.com was started by Erica Johnson to provide a resource and community for anyone struggling with identity.  I think it is a great resource for Hapa’s, but lessons can be learned no matter who you are or what your background is.  We all need to be more accepting of others’ ethnicities, backgrounds, and life philosophies.

But don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about the fitness game.  This week I want to introduce you to my network of health & fitness professionals (The Ronin Warriors).  To be the best you have to surround yourself with the best.  These are the people I go to when a question or topic is outside of my personal area of expertise.

As you know I primarily focus on physique development, fat loss, and body composition transformations.  But my team has it all covered: fitness psychology, medical nutrition therapy, rehabilitation, posture/alignment corrections, and sport performance training.  We’re growing every day.  I am excited to keep brining you new tools and content so this site becomes your go-to health & fitness resource.

Check out the HapaVoice.com piece if you are interested in something different.  Then check out the Ronin Team.

See you next time my friends.