A Secret You Shouldn’t Keep

I’ve always told people that if you have a goal, you need to tell people about it.  The more people you tell the better, but you need to share your goal with at least one other person.  Why? Because this holds you accountable to pursuing and achieving that goal.  If you keep your goals a secret, you have no one to call you out when you are slacking off or falling off track.  It’s too easy to just forget about your goal when the going gets tough.

By not telling anyone about your goal, you automatically give yourself a way out.  If you quit and give up, no one knows that you were even chasing after something.  And more importantly, no one knows that you failed.  You can just start over again with no real consequences.  At least if you tell someone and you bail out, you’ll have to deal with the questions of what happened.

I’m not a lot of things in this life.  I have many faults and shortcomings.  But one thing I know that I am is a man of my word.  If I tell someone about my goal, than I’d be breaking my word if I didn’t chase after it.  That’s not going to happen.  This motivates me to follow through 100% with the goals I’ve set.  I may still fail, but once I tell someone I’m going after something, I will never fail because I didn’t give it my best shot.

So, I’m going to put myself out there and tell all of you about the immediate goal that I have.  The upcoming natural bodybuilding season is in full swing, and it kicks off for me on October 23rd at the Musclemania California.  I also plan on competing in the INBA Natural Mr. Universe on November 6th.  In between, I have some opportunities for some fitness model photo shoots.  My goal is to diet and train 100% so I can maximize my potential with these opportunities.  You see in the past, I’ve never been 100% on.  I’ve been 95% on, but would cheat once in awhile or miss a workout here or there.  Not this time around.  I figured I owe it to myself to see what I can accomplish if I put everything into this bodybuilding and fitness modeling “thing” over the next 5 months.

So that’s my goal, now I want you to think about a goal you might have for yourself over the next couple of months.  I know we’re talking health and fitness, and I am a fitness professional, but your goal could be anything.  How do you want to improve your life over the next couple of months?  Do you want to lose some weight, improve your health and well being, save some money, make some money, improve your career, be a better family member or friend, be a better person in general, etc.?

Once you figure out your goal, you have to tell someone else to make the pursuit of that goal a reality.  You need to put yourself on the line.  You need to put some pressure on yourself by making sure you have to answer to someone if you weasel out.  If you’re not comfortable sharing that goal with someone in your circle, than you can email it to me through this site.  Trust me, I’ll hold your ass accountable!

Until next time,