Fitness Nutrition 101

Hey everyone, hope you are having a great start to the New Year. As you can see the site is up and running. I’m excited about the new format that will enable me to bring you some cool tools in the near future. One note — if you’ve tried to sign up for the blog and didn’t receive an authorization email, make sure to check your SPAM folder. A few readers have informed me that the registration emails ended up there.

As a trainer and fitness athlete, I give people training and nutrition advice all of the time. Since most of the time it is not a formal process, I find I have to write or discuss the details from scratch over and over again each time I do it. I figured a more productive way is to get all that information down in one place so people can refer to it whenever necessary (or refer their friends to it – I know, shameless plug!). But in all honesty, my primary focus is to just give people the basic information they need to get started, or continue working towards, their health and fitness goals.

Over the next few weeks you’ll be getting a series of “Fitness 101” articles. We’ll be covering training, nutrition, and psychology topics. This is the basic info I think you need to learn to understand the fat loss process and to get real-world results. The good news is I’m not trying to sell you a “wonder supplement” or an infomercial product; I’m just trying to give you the barebones facts. In other words no bullshit, quick fix type stuff. I’m sending some of my family members here as well, so trust me it all is coming straight from the heart. These are the best methods I know of to get in shape based on the knowledge I’ve acquired in my professional career — I guess that’s all you can ask for from a trainer.

This week I’ve added a Fitness Nutrition 101 article and an intro to Fitness Psychology; check them out on my Articles page. As always, you can email me directly if you have any questions.

Until next time, take care.