Musclemania America 2009 Wrap-Up

The 2009 Fitness America Weekend has come and gone, and it was an incredible experience.  In previous posts you read about my preparation leading up to the big show.  I’m happy to say I accomplished my goal of winning the open bantamweight championship.  Now before you get too excited for me, I have to qualify that statement with an asterisk — there were no other bantamweight competitors in the division this year.  But a win is a win nonetheless, and to have a prestigious title like Musclemania American Champion next to my name is a huge resume-builder for my fitness career.

Here are some final thoughts, weekend highlights, and future plans:

1.  Before the show I said I had my eye on some turkeys for Thanksgiving, and I held true to my word — to the tune of a 25lb bird.  My family and I chowed that thing to the bone along with green beans, yams, rice, bread, pecan pie, etc.  I hope some of the other competitors got to do the same.

2.  The quality of natural athletes at the show was amazing, and truly was a sight to see.  It was highly motivating to see up close and in person the type of physique you can achieve through natural bodybuilding.  Big, ripped, they had it all.  If you don’t think you can build a world-class physique without steroids or other drugs, than you owe it to yourself to come see the show in Vegas next year.  The middleweight and pro divisions were insane.  I now have several new role models to look up to.

3.  One of the best lessons I learned from the weekend was that it takes years and years of hard work to become a top-level natural bodybuilder.  Its called muscle maturity.  The best bodybuilders that I talked to backstage seemed to be in their mid 30’s to mid 40’s.  The moral of the story is to never use age as an excuse or view it as a limiting factor.  At 30 years old, I’m excited to see what the future holds if I fully dedicate myself to this sport.

4.  My family and friends really enjoyed the live streaming video on  They weren’t able to make the trip to Vegas but were able to watch the show at home.  If you are a competitor with family/friends that can’t make the trip, or know of any natural bodybuilding fans, tell them about the streaming video.

5.  I’m done as a bantamweight.  I over-dieted and cut too much weight to make the division.  I knew it as I was going through the process, but I’ll admit I did it for one reason and one reason only– ego.  I knew if I could make the weight class I could win it, and I just wanted to be able to say I was a Musclemania Champion.  I felt like I was ripped, but way too small.  I lost too much muscle dieting down.

6.  That fake tan/skin dye stuff looks weird as hell (especially on the face) everywhere except on stage.

7.  I am pumped up about the upcoming year, and after a week off for Thanksgiving, am ready to start training for next year’s show.  I won’t worry about making any weight class, but will just focus on bringing the best package possible.  I’ll be eating a lot more calories and carbs in the off-season and during next year’s precontest phase.  I hope to grow into the show.  Seeing first hand the quality of competitors at Fitness America Weekend, I know I need to gain a lot more mass to stand next to the best in the world.  I’ll probably gain 10lbs of muscle back easily simply from not overdieting, and from that point my goal is to bust a$$ to gain another 10lbs of quality muscle.  I hope to come back in 2010 and compete for the open lightweight title.  It should be a fun road.

8.  Met a new girl in Vegas.  She wouldn’t give me her real name but called herself “M”.  Can’t go into the details, what happens in Vegas…

Thanks again for reading my posts.  If you’d like to continue following what I’m up to I’ll be keeping up with a blog on my website —

I wish you all a happy and healthy 2010.  See you sometime in November in Vegas!