Week 7 – Two Weeks Left

Before business, here’s a little story for you.

I was practicing all of the mandatory poses at home and realized I had to get back to work. I changed and rushed out without cleaning up. My wife gets home that night before I do and sees my maroon posing trunks lying on the bed. She said for about 5 minutes she was freaking out wondering, “Who the hell’s panties are in my frickin’ bed?” Hah, glad she had calmed down and figured it out before I got home. Alright, for the last time for everyone who has been busting my balls – they’re not a Speedo, they’re not a thong, they’re not panties, they are POSING TRUNKS!!!

Well boys and girls, we’re just over two weeks away from Fitness America in Vegas. Anyone excited? If there were a 155 lbs. weight class, I’d say I was ready to go, but the only two options are 145 lbs. and 165 lbs. I’ve seen what a big and ripped Musclemania competitor looks like at 165 lbs., it is incredible. They can easily look 20 lbs. bigger. With that in mind I’ve decided my best chance at a strong showing is to head south to the Bantamweight Division (145 lbs). As a result, I still have a lot of work ahead of me in the next 2 ½ weeks.

I’ve officially become a “scale watcher” which is ridiculous and something I do not recommend for most people. The scale rarely tells an accurate or complete fitness story, and more often than not discourages people who are actually getting positive results. Most of the time I don’t care what I weigh, I just care how I look, but this is obviously a unique circumstance. The last week my weight has varied from 151-154, and this is while sodium and water loading. I put sea salt on all of my meals and drink about 1 ½ gallons of water a day, needless to say I’m retaining some water weight. This process gets the body used to flushing out sodium and water so that when you cut it out before show time, you dry out and can look absolutely ripped. Last time I competed I dropped about 4-5 lbs in the two days before the show just by cutting out the sodium and reducing water intake. With the cut, if it goes as planned, that puts me close to the 145 lbs. limit.

In the meantime, I’ve added the dreaded “C” word, cardio, to get closer to striking distance. I hate cardio, and if I was one of those athletes who had to do 2 hours of cardio a day to get lean, I’d probably find another hobby — something like basket weaving or quilting. I’ve been getting my ass up at 5am every day to walk outside for 45 minutes before my first training client of the day. It sucks, but with the time change I’ve seen some cool sunrises. I’ve also added in a little bit of Capoeira training on my off days from weight lifting. I’ve posted some photos of me doing some Capoeira moves, and FYI, I have no idea why the photographer asked me to wear a bright purple jacket. I might be able to weave a little bit of that into my posing routine (the Capoeira, not the jacket). I have an idea for a Matrix theme.

This will be my one and only run at the Bantamweight title. My long term goal is to compete as a Welterweight or even Middleweight. I know at 5’9″, I have to get bigger to be competitive in those divisions. This keeps me motivated and excited for the upcoming off season and the next few years of training.

But first things first, I’ll see everyone in two weeks. Until then, hope all stays well.