Week 6 – Diet, Fake Tans, and Gelato

After checking out this blog a buddy of mine was giving me some crap. “Its cool and all”, he said, “but damn you need a tan!” Hah, no doubt. I’m lucky they make that fake tan in a bottle and Dream Tan stuff. For those of you haven’t competed before, Dream Tan is a skin dye you put on before you go on stage. The lights are so bright that you have to be super dark (beyond even a good natural tan) or your definition/cuts will get washed out. The dye basically looks like shoe polish. Its as weird as it sounds, but hey, its bodybuilding. What can you do?

I was in Maine Thurs-Mon for business and a little bit of fun. The timing wasn’t great because of the proximity to the show. When you have to travel, training is the easy part. You can always find a place to work out, or if worst comes to worst, you can do some modified bodyweight workouts. I found a cool, old school basement gym and had some great workouts. Being on a competition diet, however, can be somewhat of a challenge.

I packed a bunch of small baggies of rice so I had a clean source of carbs whenever necessary. I also packed some cans of salmon for a convenient protein source. That stuff sucks because it smells like cat food. When you pop it open everyone looks at you like you’re a weirdo, but it gets the job done. When we arrived we headed straight over to the local supermarket. I ordered some pre-cooked chicken breasts and grabbed some hardboiled eggs and vegetables from the salad bar. The few times we ate out I ordered fish with rice and/or veggies. The local Sushi joint congratulated us for coming twice in one day. It was a pain in the ass, but with less than a month, you can’t deviate from the game plan. Not even for Gelato.

My wife ordered this awesome gelato combination (chocolate/dulce de leche) from a local shop. She ate it all right in front of me, very slowly, as I squirmed and suffered. What’s up with that? We didn’t take the after picture where I was laughing and she was grimacing because her stomach hurt from all of that sugar. In all honesty though, my wife is my biggest supporter and I don’t know where I’d be without her.

I whine about having to travel a month before the show and then read blogs from guys like Sanya Amaya and Victor Montoya and feel like such a wimp. We all make sacrifices as fitness competitors, but these guys have persevered through incredible obstacles to achieve great success. All of the bloggers are great competitors and an inspiration to me, but especially these two. I wish you the best of luck.

Next week we’ll talk a little bit about Capoeira training for the stretch run. Until then, Happy Halloween.